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Teemill is a platform that lets you build your own online store and sell t-shirt designs online

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how teemill works

Finally, it's been done right.

Build your own store with our incredible technology.

When you get orders, our factory automatically prints and ships to your customer, as if it came from you.

Teemill is the future that finally makes it easy to sell t-shirts online.

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Easy and fast tech to build a truly custom store for your brand. Works seamlessly on all devices.

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Modern, bang on trend shapes with your designs printed beautifully in full colour. 100% certified organic.

How Teemill Works

Build a store, design your products, start selling.

We built a brand once. To build the supply chain and store and ship the stuff with the high quality, sustainability and amazing service that we had in mind was a mission. We had to buy a supermarket and redevelop it as a factory to get there. We realised along the way that on top of this, you have to spend almost all of your time creating great designs and doing your marketing. So looking back, we can see why so many startups fail. But it doesn't have to be this way. Teemill is based on a really simple idea:

It took us 10 years to build a brand. With Teemill technology, it takes 10 minutes.

With Teemill you can build an online store, create products and start selling. The tech is amazing: You can literally do a photoshoot in one click without leaving your desk. Ai will help you write your descriptions. And when your products sell, our factory in the UK automatically prints and ships your product to your customer, as if it was from you. If you like you can even have your own packaging with a personal, hand-written note. Teemill also connects up to the web's greatest apps. And we're improving it all the time. The best thing about Teemill? It's free


Access to a better supply chain.


Teemill products are printed in the UK using low-waste printing technology in a renewable energy powered factory. Products are made from certified organic cotton by ethically accredited suppliers. As a company, our Global Organic Textile Standard certification means that we've been audited for a wide range of sustainability and social criteria throughout the product life cycle.

Our mission is to redesign the clothing industry.

Teemill was created to accelerate the transition to more sustainable clothing by removing the barriers to entry for charities, events or startups in fashion that want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Creating enabling technology has led to growth, whilst improvements are shared by all users. Redesigning the t-shirt industry has created a virtuous circle that is accelerating. This story is your story too. When you use Teemill, anyone can follow the journey of your t-shirts from seed to shop...

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Amazing Print Quality + Plain Labels


Your Teemill store is packed with features and integrates with the web's best apps



Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools around, and now you can connect your Teemill customer order data and newsletter signups to your Mailchimp mailing lists. Note, due to privacy preferences you will only see customers who have opted-in in your mailing list.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Connect your Analytics account to your Teemill store to track and analyse your user behaviour. With an almost unlimited amount of data insights, Google Analytics offers you the tools you need to make a success of the marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your Teemill store.

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

With custom branded packaging, plus a special packing slip with your logo it'll look like your order was shipped direct from you. Make this happen with the Custom Packaging tool.

Facebook Tracking Pixel

Facebook Tracking Pixel

Connect your Facebook Ads account to your Teemill store with the tracking pixel. You can track conversions and build custom audiences, as well as gathering data to build lookalike datasets, unlocking the massive growth power of targeted advertising to make even more profit with your Teemill store.

Hand Written Note

Hand Written Note

Every time we ship a product, we hand write a thank you on the order. Now you can customise the content and say thanks in your own way. Please make sure your note is concise, does not include ads, URLs, spam or profanity. Just a simple, genuine thank you. Example: "Thanks for supporting our company/charity/brand, it means a lot!"

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

With Adwords and conversion tracking integration, you can connect your Teemill store to your Google Adwords account and start boosting your sales with targeted ads - and measuring the results.

Made With Teemill

Red Paddle Clothing

Red Paddle Co

Established SUP brand Red Paddle used our supply chain for quick, quality and flexible merch, leaving their marketing teams free to create fresh designs without disrupting their amazing watersports adventures.

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Virunga T shirts


Virunga is Africa’s oldest national park and is also the continent’s most biologically diverse protected area. Teemill technology helps raise awareness and funs for their conservation efforts of the Park.

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Help Refugees Choose Love

Choose Love

The team behind @helprefugeesuk do amazing work helping people caught up in the refugee crisis. They had an iconic design for a campaign tee to raise awareness and funds for their work, and needed a modern, responsible supply chain to make it happen - then keep up as the Choose Love tee went viral. More recently and we've been able to contribute to their partnership with ASOS via our bulk-print service, meaning increased funds raised as demand has grown.

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"If I had started a brand without Teemill, it would fail these days I think. The technology is too easy, too fast, too powerful for my competitors - they just can't keep up. The secret sauce of great brands is in their tech"

Dave, Nocturnal Creature

Very British problems

Very British Problems

The team behind Very British Problems were stoked to be running what is probably one of the funniest accounts on twitter. The next step was a reward for all that hard work, and using Teemill to bring great quality merch to their fans helped keep the lights on @soverybritish towers.

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Noctural Creature London

Nocturnal Creature LDN

NC London is one of the hottest independent brands that can be seen thick on dancefloors across the capital. Teemill tech helped the brand focus on getting out to events and building relationships with DJs and producers whilst other labels were still struggling to get off the kitchen table. Dave went from a meet up with Teemill to his first product launch within a week. Within months everyone who mattered was wearing it.

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project aware

Project AWARE

Project AWARE is a global movement of scuba divers protecting our ocean planet – one dive at a time. Focused on the critical issues of Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris, Project AWARE empowers thousands to work together for a clean, healthy and abundant ocean planet. Teemill tech is used by Project AWARE to bring awareness and funds to their amazing work protecting our oceans and coastlines.

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"We made Teemill so that anyone could skip ahead 10 years and plug into the best technology we have in our supply chain. Teemill helps the next generation of brands design incredible products that are more sustainable. Because it's free, they can be in profit from day one."

- Teemill

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