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Your Masterplan: Important dates for Christmas

Christmas is the one big window in the eCommerce calendar where a brand can be made overnight, or be feeling like they missed the boat. We’ve organised the most important milestones coming up over the next 5 weeks so you can add them to your Christmas marketing plan. There’s some sponsored Christmas promotions included, so all you need to do is focus on getting the word out there to your sellers. And in the next newsletter we’ll reveal the first of a few tools that will make it even easier to promote your stuff. For now, here’s the outline of the lead up to Christmas.

General Guidance

Sellers, take note. The next four weeks represents the best opportunity for a year to make money on Teemill. Our data shows conversion rates across stores 5-10 times higher during the period from the 26th of November to the 22nd of December. We strongly recommend massively raising the frequency of posting, promotion and marketing activity during this time. For example on brands that we manage, we will have daily newsletters and multiple social posts per day, most of them boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram. Use this as a benchmark – now is the time to turbocharge your Teemill efforts.

Last free shipping dates

Promo: Black Friday – Cyber Monday 24th – 27th  November

If you want to promote your store over Black Friday, it’s up to you – we will be running a free socks promo. Last year the Christmas drive began on the 24th November, so this is the time to step up the game and post more. The free socks promo will start on Friday 24th 9:00am and end on Cyber Monday (27th) at midnight. Your customers will need to enter the code socky in the cart for a free pair of bamboo socks.

Framing free socks weekends as “the perfect extra stocking filler this Christmas” usually gives good results.

This is usually a very popular promo and is perfect for boosting sales before the end of the month. Make sure your posts look awesome and you’ll see the rewards. The example below is how Nocturnal Creatures do their socks promo.

Free Socks Promo

Promo: Free UK Shipping Weekend 1st – 3rd December

The first weekend of the month lines up with payday, so we’re running a festive freepost. Make sure to schedule loads of posts over this weekend, reminding your customers the offer is on. We recommend posting to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Scheduling posts now will free up time closer to Christmas, letting you explore new strategies like using Facebook ads to find new customers.

This is one of the biggest promotions in the calendar, so post until you drop.

Notice: Last post to Rest of World 6th December

Make sure to communicate this date to customers outside UK and EU who want to receive their order before Christmas. This should give them best chance of getting their orders in time, and it gives you another story to post about. Remember a day early is always better than a day late, so you may want to post this message on the 5th.

Promo: Free Socks 9th – 10th December

Another great opportunity to market the ‘extra stocking filler’ as the calendar rolls closer to Christmas.

Posting when the offer has started, while it is running and before it ends.

Our bamboo socks are super comfy and come in a range of wacky and plain styles, and are perfect for gifting.

Notice: Last post to EU 13th December

If you have customers in the EU, our courier wont be able to guarantee delivery before Christmas on order dispatched after the 13th.

In your comms, a day early is always better than a day late.

Give them the best chance of receiving it before Christmas by telling them to place their orders on the 12th.

Notice: Last UK Shipping Dates
  • UK Standard: 19th December
  • UK 1st Class: 20th December
  • UK Special Delivery: 21st December

These are the most important to get right, make sure you schedule posts on these days to ensure your customers get their orders in time. If a customer does not get their order in time, then this may result in refunds, so make sure to get the word out about these last shipping dates.

Promo: Free UK Shipping Weekend 16th – 17th December

We will be running a Free UK 1st Class shipping weekend on the 16th and 17th December, to make sure your customers get their orders in time Christmas. This is one of your last chances to squeeze every drop out of the Christmas buzz, so post post post, and don’t let this offer slip off the radar.

Promo: Free Socks 26th – 31st

One of the busiest days for online retail is boxing day. That’s a great time to put your feet up and spend time with the family, but your Teemill store should still be working for you. Schedule loads of posts during this period and take advantage of the Boxing day offer that goes all the way through to the end of the month.


That’s it sellers, that’s the Christmas timeline. Add it to your calendars, sheets, walls, fridges, toilet doors, eyelids, whatever works best for you. If you start now to prepare and schedule your post, you’ll free up time for new strategies that are potentially more powerful but require more careful thought, like using boosted posts or Facebook ads to reach new customers.






How a startup brand from Croydon took on The World

We started Teemill so that new startups could achieve what took us 10 years in 10 minutes. We know that our automated factory systems, low waste printing technology, organic materials and product quality give us a huge competitive advantage. But Teemill is about co-operative advantage. Letting other brands access this free through our Teemill platform has enabled thousands of startup brands to jump ahead and plug into a better supply chain, product and online store kit then focus on the most important bit: Designing amazing products and selling them to the audience they’ve built up. We caught up with Jonny, creative director of Croydon vs. The World, a brand that’s growing super fast and behind the scenes, uses Teemill to power their store tech and order fulfillment.

Jonny Rose Creative Director of Croydon Vs The World

Welcome Jonny! So we love Croydon vs. The World – What motivated you to start the brand? How did the idea originate?

I come from Croydon which traditionally has always had a negative reputation. Now there is so much positive stuff happening here – we’re the UK’s fastest growing economy, London’s fastest growing tech startup ecosystem, home of Boxpark & the world’s largest urban Saffron farm, and London’s “Street art capital” – that I thought it was time for the borough to get a fashion label that changed the narrative and engendered town pride.

Once you decided on an idea for the brand, how did you go about building it?

When I first started Croydon Vs The World I had absolutely no idea how to launch a fashion label. I work in marketing for a B2B software company.

Make sure you are good at online marketing: designing a tshirt is only 10% of the journey.

You have to be good at creating brand awareness and generating demand – and you have to be savvy enough at online marketing to make sure that the money spent on marketing is not more than the profit you make on each t-shirt. Positive ROI is everything.

So how did you get the word out about Croydon Vs the World?

I had a launch party on the first day the website went up to kickstart sales – getting people physically into a room and presenting a pitch about the fashion brand was a great way to get early customers. I even had a laptop there so people could buy clothes whilst listening to me.

I wrote about the brand in lots of local blogs and alerted local newspapers about the launch of a ‘hyperlocal fashion label’ story. That helped push the story outside of Croydon to across South London and beyond.

Instagram is the largest driver of traffic to my site – and I have a Croydon Vs The World Instagram profile which features happy customers wearing clothing around the world. It inspired me to set up my own Instagram training website called Gram To Grands.

That’s great advice. It sounds like you are super focused on marketing your store now and driving sales. Looking back, how did it feel getting your first order?

I got my first sale on day one and it was a friend who bought one of the white Croydon Vs The World canvas bags. I was so elated that I’ve asked her to keep the receipt so I can get it framed (I’m not sure she has though ha ha!).

I love that everything is handled by the platform. Sales, fulfillment, returns – everything. Teemill makes the process of selling tshirts online so easy.

What’s the best thing about building your brand?

Pretty much every day I open Instagram and see people I’ve never met before from around the world wearing my fashion label. That is hugely invigorating!

And what are the ambitions for the future?

I don’t want Croydon Vs The World to be a brand worn just by people who are from Croydon. One day, I want it to be a global brand worn across the world by people with no affinity with the area, in the same way people wear NYC snapback hats even though they’re not from New York City.

What’s it like knowing there are hundreds of people out there wearing your designs?

INSANE. Especially when I see where they’re from: Japan, Iraq, Australia, North America, Europe, China. The Croydon Vs The World is everywhere!

Croydon Vs The World Startup Brand

That’s amazing. Spotted anyone in the street wearing your stuff yet?

Yes. It’s made me a bit of a local celeb which is very amusing!

Incredibly, one of the local pubs – The Spread Eagle – even bought a wholesale order of Croydon Vs The World for their staff. It’s absolute unreal walking past and seeing all these people wearing my design on their way to and from work.

Sounds like an amazing journey Jonny, is there anyone you want to give shout out to?

Everyone who has supported the Croydon Vs The World brand and supported our aim to “Let the world know that Croydon is the house”.


If you’d like to start a brand, check out Teemill.com, it’s free.


The Marketing Rule of 7

The marketing rule of 7 is one of the oldest lessons in marketing. It’s stuck around because it works. Ever heard of Coca Cola? Their entire marketing strategy is basically the rule of 7. It’s an important lesson for marketers to remember.

Marketing Rule of 7

The marketing rule of Seven frames all other marketing efforts – if you’re thinking of flyers, Facebook, cost per click, email marketing, word of mouth, SEO, or even a few giveaways, you might need all 7 of them…

The marketing rule of seven says that customers will need to see seven pieces of marketing before committing to a purchase on average.

Too often first time marketers are too scarce with their communication, fearful of overburdening their customers with too many ads, stories or pitches. One a week, for example, is often considered pushing it.

Meanwhile, the average person sees a Coca Cola advert or logo more than 7 times per day in the UK. The word coca cola is the second most recognisable word in the world, after okay.

The most common reason people don’t buy your products is that they don’t know about them. Yet.

So if you want your brand to be huge, take your foot off the brake and pump that accelerator: Get some quality writing and amazing photography together and start marketing: Publish your content, stories, posts, newsletters, tweets, posts, photos out there, 7 times a week: Minimum!




Marketing for Special Dates

We have future special dates locked in to Teemill at the ready – you’ll get an alert and a little help preparing for these. Once you’re aware an event is coming up, it’s important to think about how you’re going to approach the marketing: What might the buyer’s motivation be, who is the buyer and how to frame your pitch.

Marketing for special dates

Forget the product, focus on the buyer.

The temptation is to do a lot of work for these events and with Teemill’s powerful product creator tool, it would be easy to design an event-specific product like a Valentines day t-shirt. In reality, it’s best to forget the product for a minute and focus on the buyer.

Special occasions are all about gifts. Think about who is buying the gift, and for who.

You don’t need a gift with love hearts on it for Valentine’s day – Instead, choose any product and associate love, gifts and giving in your marketing.

No need to do loads of work on your product range: In fact, you don’t need any new products. The art of marketing for special occasions is in framing the product as a gift suitable for the occasion.

Pick something that fits

Now you know you don’t need a new product, pick a product you already have that is suitable for the recipient. T-shirts, tops, sweats or vouchers: All suitable for Valentines day or Christmas.

Make sure you pick a product to front your campaign that your customer can imagine their loved one wearing.

Dad would love a t-shirt or a warm jumper for Father’s day. Mum might be more interested in a tote shopper bag or teatowel for Mother’s day.

Preparing the store

Think of your store like a shop window. On special occasions, great shopkeepers will refresh the look and feel of their stores with a theme. The best way to do this is with your banners on the homepage and in your categories. You may choose to build and merchandise a category full of Gifts for Him, for example, and design a Valentines-themed homepage banner directing them to the category.

Using homepage banners is a great way to temporarily theme your store for a special occasion without doing very much work at all.

You can make these with our tools, or design your own – and reuse them each year for this event.

A day early is better than a day late

Remember that gift buyers will be anxious about their gifts arriving late. This means that we must be out ahead. Whilst Teemill orders are shipped the same day, many people will be shopping online weeks in advanced of the event.

Supermarkets put Easter Eggs in stores in February for a reason: Don’t be afraid to remind your customers an event is coming up. On the day is too late for e-commerce.

We will remind you through email and in the Teemill dashboard if we think it’s time to start marketing for an event. The last thing to do is to create your posts, build some amazing banners and schedule your content on social media. And remember the marketing rule of seven – The more marketing, the better!

Take Action:


How to Increase Sales in Winter

Selling t-shirts is obviously part of the growth strategy for any successful Teemill store. But there’s a ridiculously obvious way that you can double profit and increase sales when you would think t-shirts are least likely to sell.

How to increase sales in winter

During Spring and Summer, t-shirts sell like hotcakes and there’s no better way to increase revenues by getting some amazing designs, choosing the right colours (like White, where you can make double your money at Teemill) and then pushing hard on the marketing.

In Winter, it can sometimes feel like you’re not getting any traction. Is it really the case that great brands hibernate, waiting for Spring?

The answer lies in merchandising. As a salesman, you’d never sell an umbrella on a beach in July. But if you were a brolly seller in a rainstorm, you’re winning.

You can keep the demand for your brand up, the sales and customers buzzing by showing them the right product at the right time. When the weather closes in, change up your store and products to reflect demand, and pick warmer products – sweats, hoodies – for Winter.

Sell sweats and hoodies with Teemill

Our award-winning products include blank organic cotton hoodies, made to the same high quality standards and in modern, fashionable shapes. To design on a hoody or sweater, choose the product tab at the product design tab and navigate to Men’s or Women’s sweats. The rest of the process is the same.

As sweats and hoodies can command a higher price, our philosophy of shared profit means that we also pay higher earnings to you for sweat and hoody sales.

Not only can you continue to make money in Winter, you can actually increase earnings by selling products in season for greater profit.

Take Action

  • Design hoodies and sweats into your collection now!


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