10 brands we love

Some of the best brands using Teemill tech to power their fulfillment say that they focus on originality, sticking to the brand’s values and getting some great snaps of the product in action. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these brands and see how they carved out their own niche online.

Rock 'n' Roll Bride

 10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride

Kat built her brand Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride on a foundation that promotes individuality and awesomeness in a cookie-cutter world. We were absolutely blown away by her photography and the rainbow hair, sparkly manicures and kick-ass collection is instantly confident and cool.



Ironic Lux

9. Ironic Lux

Ironic Lux was created by Nahia, and she wanted to create tees that were a bit different. Her prints are fun and are inspired by fashion icons, and using simple text and line art, her prints manage to feel stylish without being too serious. In particular we love how Nahia goes and shoots her own products locally, and her photos are always fun and put together with cool outfits. Super creative!




8. Holmlands

Holmlands is a socially and environmentally conscious action sports brand. Their classic style reminds us of some iconic brands and Holmlands instantly stands out on the strength of their photography. Cool models, thoughtful styling and confident poses –  their shoots take your breath away.



Croydon vs The World

7. Croydon vs The World

Johnny loves Croydon, a place that’s traditionally always had an average reputation, and he set out to build a brand to take the town to the top of the World. We love how his photos capture the spirit of Croydon and the people there. Authentic, cool and fun.



We are all Windrush

6. #WeAreAllWindrush

Started by mother/daughter duo – Gillian and Fola, #WeAreAllWindrush is a campaign raising awareness for the Windrush generation affected by the recent immigration scandal. It’s a brand that celebrates the generations involved with incredible photography. We like is the vintage feel in each design, with the faded 1948 print look.




5. Wintercroft

Steve started Wintercroft in 2013 as a Halloween costume idea. Using scraps of cardboard, he created a jaw-dropping geometric mask and 5 years on its grown into a company making amazing masks. From waste, he encourages people to make something beautiful. We love how the masks flow with the tees and combined with fantastic photography the images are completely original.



Lunki Streetwear

4. Lunki Streetwear

Lunki is a sustainable brand that’s among one of the hottest startups in Finland right now. They have killer photography and graphic design to match creating a super chilled look for the streets. We like how the brand uses block prints and style up with a relaxed look that doesn’t lose its edgy style.




3. Heartknoxx

Helen has made a brand focused on supporting mental illness with a ready-to-wear label called Heartknoxx. Using intelligent design and slogans she inspires the audience to beat self-doubt and the daily feelings of worry. We love the use of beautiful photography showing her designs on ace models, as well as the playful designs that capture fun summer vibes.



Nocturnal Creature photography

2. Nocturnal Creature

Dave’s brand Nocturnal Creature is inspired by London’s techno scene and dominates the dance floors with his edgy streetwear designs. We love the combo of neat designs and powerful photography.



She Shirts

1. She Shirts

Sally created She Shirts, a charitable enterprise that sells original feminist tees, each with their own story. We love the originality of using friends as models. It’s a confident brand that’s unique and inclusive.

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