10 steps to the top of Google

It’s a definite milestone on every online startup’s agenda and there’s a very good reason: Getting to the top of Google costs you nothing, and can unlock a torrent of high-value traffic. In this blog we talked to SEO pros and brand owners that dominate the front page to formulate the simple steps to help you get started on your journey towards the top.

If you’re just getting started in your journey to the top spot of Google, the most important words are Relevance, Quality and Trust. If you make a store that is great quality and use descriptive words, if your store is seen as trusted because other quality sites link to it and if the language you use in your content is well written and relevant, it will appear in search results. If you work on the Quality of your content, building Trust and using Relevant text you will get better traffic. All search engine optimisation strategies relate to these first principles. We outline some in more detail below.

1. Starter SEO

If you’re launching your site for starters, you can tell Google to come take a look and list your site using the Submit Site to Google button. There’s loads of other tips like this on the Moz SEO blog for beginners that you can check off on day one.

2. Keyphrase research

Once you’re ready to get started ramping up your traffic, it’s time to think about keyphrase research. The idea is to think about what people might type into Google to find the product, and then use those words in the title and description. It’s often enough to just think carefully about your products and choose more descriptive language, but you can use a free keyphrase tool that can help squeeze a little more juice from your ideas.

3. Using Keyphrases appropriately

Make sure that your category titles and descriptions also have good quality, relevant content too. For SEO you might have renamed your “Night Predator tee 01” product to “Men’s Bat T-shirt” and in the same way, your categories are also searchable content that needs a decent title and description. Use text on your homepage to introduce your brand and throw in some of the keyphrases relevant to the searches you want to appear on.

4. Hire an army of code… oh wait

Only joking, you already have one – that free as standard with Teemill. Our team of software engineers work full time optimising the technology behind Teemill. We test strategies and code on our own sites, and when tests show guaranteed results, we deploy the code across the entire network. Most of the time you don’t notice your site speeding up, or the code getting leaner. But Google does. While we do that, you have one mission…

5. Build trust

This is the part that people often don’t appreciate or attempt to cut corners on. Google will show your content at the top of search results if it’s relevant, quality and trusted. Your keyphrase research, titles and descriptions drive the relevance score in Google’s eyes, and we make sure your code is optimised – but only you can improve your trust score. Reach out to blogs, mags and newspapers – or any website that is relevant to what you do (entrepreneur blogs, t shirt design blogs, anything) and ask if there’s a chance to be featured on your blog. Pitch your story and some awesome images (or better yet, video) or offer to write a guest post that would fit in with their audience. Make sure you get a link from their site to yours, and Google will see that as a sign of trust: The more links, the more trust, and the more you climb the rankings.

6. Publish useful blogs

Google loves quality, relevant and rich content. After all, their search service relies on being able to find and deliver good stuff that matches what people are looking for. So if you produce great quality relevant content on the internet, you will get picked up. A great way to do this is with a blog. You might publish helpful stuff, stories, how to guides or just your opinion. Make sure you use the right kind of keyphrases naturally, not in a spammy way. Quality is better than quantity. You can use to tap in keywords that are relevant to your brand or products and come up with ideas for your next post. These will show up in Google, bringing readers to your blog where you can funnel them to your shop.

7. Attention to detail, homepage and other places

Google search results are algorithms, not people, and they mercilessly judge your page in binary terms. Make sure that you comb your site and ensure you have quality content on every page. Category descriptions and homepage text are often skimmed over or ignored, but Google sees the lack of relevant content with natural keyphrases as an issue.

8. Keep it fresh

Websites that are current and relevant are updated regularly. That means that Google is checking out your store from time to time and seeing what kind of stuff is added and what changes. Keeping your content fresh with new products and new collections or new blogs helps Google understand that your site is an active and current place for content related to search results that you appear in. That helps boost your ranking.

9. Get great reviews

It’s no substitute for great trust from online articles linking to your site, and quality, relevant content, but studies do show that some reviews can influence your google search rankings. Reviews for your Teemill products on the product page reviews tab are tagged with the review schema, which means that google sees these and knows they are reviews. Getting good (4-5) and realistic reviews may help boost your search rankings a percent or two.

10. Read the right stuff

Reading is a great habit to get into. SEO can be a confusing thing to learn up on. The recipes for search results are constantly evolving – there can be many different variations of the search results algorithm live at any one time – and in trying to simplify things, or even sell SEO services, you might read conflicting opinions on what the most important things are. The reality is it’s a heuristic thing and some blogs, like SEOmoz, do a great job of explaining that and keeping up with the latest developments. We recommend reading all their stuff first.

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