12 of the best environmental tees

Environmental designs can be clever, fun or even super simple. The category is super popular because of the message behind them. We’ve put together a collection of 12 of our favourite tees from brands that are passionate about the environment for your inspiration.

13. Hummingbird Top by Birdlife International

Geometric and low poly illustrations work really well with nature, like this Hummingbird tee. We love this print for its jaw-dropping use of colour making the design pop. Pick an animal that represents your brand values and give a low poly design a try. Pro tip: There’s some cool apps out there with low poly filters that can save you time 🙂



Sans Plastique by Eco Boost

12. Sans Plastique T-shirt by Eco Boost

Kate’s brand Eco Boost has created a collection of organic tees that encourage a zero waste lifestyle. We are stoked by this pocket print for its playful font, and the simple chic style that looks great on a white tee. Teemill products are made with renewable energy and our low waste printing technology, plus the fact that we recover and recycle worn out clothes, gives environmental brands and charities peace of mind that their products are made in a way that aligns with their values.



An effective neon blue moon shown above the sea on a black tee to really bring out the colours.

11. Keep Oceans Blue by World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is a fantastic organisation that celebrates the beauty of the ocean. Their team created some rad designs for their supporters, and to increase engagement, with designs like this Keep Oceans tee. We love how the team used different shades of blue in a classic round-shaped print to create an immersive design that feels like a calm sea.



A friendly pine tee that encourages nothing but good vibes.

10. Save the Caledonian Pinewoods by Trees for Life

Trees for Life are working to re-grow the Caledonian forests of the Scottish Highlands. As part of their fundraising efforts, the charity is using a collection of organic printed tees to raise funds, and our favourite in their collection is this Save the Caledonian Pinewoods tee. We love the brush-stroke style and single colour print – simple, and effective.



A giant bee shown in all its colours on front of a simple tee.

9. Geo Bee T-shirt by Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s print the Geo Bee tee is helping raise awareness of the issues facing bees. It’s a serious scientific issue, yet this design makes it approachable with a cool, colourful print that reflects the beauty of nature.



A fully grown Beetroot shown on front of a tee.

8. Beetroot T-shirt by Garden Organic

Garden Organic brings together thousands of people who share a common belief – that organic growing is essential for a healthy and sustainable world. In this print they use watercolours combined with a detailed sketch and geometric design. It’s a super clever style that looks amazing on tees.



A full detail scale of a butterfly, showing every possible detail of this beautiful creature.

6. Blue Print T-shirt by Butterfly Conservation

Butterflies and moths are sensitive indicators of the health of our environment. That’s why organisations like Butterfly Conservation are so important. To raise funds and awareness to support their work, the team created some prints including this line art print that has a scientific feel. There’s loads of colourful prints as you’d expect, but this blue-print style works with lots of brands that have really passionate fans. If there’s an iconic object, vehicle or animal that means a lot to your brand, try your own today.



A tee showing the latest ocean saving technology by Ocean Cleanup

5. Logo T-shirt by The Ocean Cleanup

This logo print by the Ocean Cleanup has been cleverly designed to represent their state-of-the-art technology. By using vessels and nets to collect plastic pollution, the team hopes to create cleaner oceans by 2050. We are stoked that they’re using tees to raise funds and awareness for their incredible tech and this design is super popular because of it’s total alignment with the reasons people are fans of the The Ocean Cleanup in the first place. Scientific, simple and clever.



Earth Tree T-shirt by Yanmos

4. Earth Tree T-shirt by Yanmos

Yanmos is an outdoorsy brand and many of their environmental designs have compelling backstories. We love Yanmos for their clever prints, like the way they start a conversation with this design about the connectedness of nature and people.  They’ve created some of the most inspiring environmental prints on Teemill to date.



Make the Planet great again T-shirt by Friends of the Earth

3. Make The Planet Great Again T-shirt by Friends of the Earth

This Make The Planet Great Again tee by Friends of the Earth is a witty twist on Donald Trump’s infamous slogan.  Some environmental issues can be dealt with subtly, others are so big they’re almost political, and when it comes to the big issues, there’s no match for an impact slogan print. This design takes the fight to the top making a counterpoint about the need to focus on serious environmental issues that affect everybody.



Make Waves T-shirt by Rapanui Clothing

2. Make Waves T-shirt by Rapanui

This smart anti-plastic themed tee uses a strong blend of colours to raise awareness against plastic pollution in the Ocean. The Make Waves Tee is a strong example of campaign tees being fun to deliver a serious message to clean up the seas.


Save Our Seas T-shirt showing armies of fish forming shapes of sharks by MCS

1. Save Our Seas Top by MCS

The Marine Conservation Society is the UK’s leading marine charity working to ensure our seas are healthy, pollution free and protected. The Save Our Seas print celebrates nature flourishing. We love the hundreds of incredibly detailed sea creatures forming 4 large sharks. It looks super rad and perfect for sunny days on the beach.

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