13 iconic slogan prints

Slogan t-shirts are instantly cool and super on trend right now. They can be funny, kooky or even spread powerful messages that lead to action on issues people really care about. The best bit about designing slogan tees is how easy and simple it can be to create a bestseller. We’ve put together a list of 13 iconic slogan prints we are really loving right now.

13. Logo T-shirt by Hands Off Our Revolution

We’re starting with this print designed for the Hands Off Our Revolution campaign. It seems simple, but the subtle tweaks in typography give the tee a lovely contoured feel that makes it feel alive. Slogan designs sell because the words create a reaction, or have a meaning, so it’s important they are easily readable. Choosing a bold sans-serif font like this can be a good starting point.



Bloody Hell T-shirt by Very British Problems

12. Bloody Hell T-shirt by Very British Problems

We love this Bloody Hell print by Very British Problems. Their store is full to the brim with funny, relatable designs that will have any British person chuckling over the brim of their teacup at. This confident print grabs people’s attention and nails it with a classic English dictionary look.



Team No Sleep by the Unmumsy Mum

11. Team No Sleep by the Unmumsy Mum

We love simple timeless slogans like this rad Team No Sleep print by the Unmumsy Mum. No sleep is something every parent can relate to and by creating an in-joke that’s relatable to a lot of people, the brand creates a sense of togetherness that is perfect for the t-shirt style.



10. Make The Planet Great Again T-shirt by Friends of the Earth

A positive twist on an infamous slogan and with a positive message. This design by Friends of the Earth is clean, neat and shows a precise understanding of their customer’s priorities. T-shirts are a great place to take issues and subvert them, mix them up, and especially with slogan prints, play with words.



Drop Seeds Not Bombs by Rapanui Clothing

9. Drop Seeds Not Bombs by Rapanui Clothing

Slogan prints don’t have to be just typography based, adding cool graphics can bring the whole design to life – like this bestselling Drop Seeds Not Bombs tee. Most slogan tees work better without any clutter, and that clean and simple style takes a little bravery and good merchandising. But if you have a super clever graphic too, try it out and see if it takes your product to the next level like this one.



Straight Outta Soft Play Kids T-shirt by the Unmumsy Mum

8. Straight Outta Soft Play Kids T-shirt by the Unmumsy Mum

Unmumsymum again just because she’s dominating the slogan designs. Some of the best designs we see mix two ideas you wouldn’t often see together, like parenting and er… gangsta rap. Smash two ideas together and play with words to make clever puns and slogans. It’s social media kryptonite.



Stop Ocean Plastic T-shirt by MCS

7. Stop Ocean Plastic T-shirt by MCS

People like to buy products that have a story, or that are more meaningful. Campaigns that capture a message in a sentence like this one work well as bold statement tees. This print cleverly uses the blue fade tee to symbolise the sea, and adds a nifty plastic bottle with iconic line art for a little extra detail.



Anxiety Is My Bitch T-shirt by Emily Hart

6. Anxiety Is My Bitch T-shirt by Emily Hart

YouTuber, blogger and TV presenter Emily Hartridge had one intention when she was designing her new t-shirt collection – to make you ‘feel something’. This slogan print is cool, it’s funny and it makes you feel empowered about an issue that otherwise can be a bit scary. We love how designers like this use slogans to make people feel good and inspire confidence. Go Emily!



5. Vote Trump Out T-shirt by Katharine Hamnett

The person who started this whole slogan t-shirt caper is legendary designer Katharine Hamnett. It’s been a massive privilege to work with her and the team on different campaigns over the years and this print – encouraging people to use the power of democracy for change, uses her signature impact style but in patriotic American colours. Hamnett is a master of simplifying an issue and creating an immensely powerful narrative from just a few words.



Techno T-shirt by Nocturnal Creature

4. Techno T-shirt by Nocturnal Creature

Nocturnal Creature is a brand built from the heart of London’s underground techno scene and Dave is channelling the slightly messy next-day memories of urban-industrial raves when he’s in the design studio. We love how Dave consistently published on-brand content from locations to models, photographers to products, even the brand name – Nocturnal Creature – feels like it’s hardcore techno flavour.



Love Not War T-shirt by Pam Hogg for War Child UK

3. Love Not War T-shirt by Pam Hogg for War Child UK

Pam Hogg, the legendary British fashion designer, created a simple statement tee for #WearItForWarChild. We love how the bright red heart battles the word WAR for space and wins. It’s not unrealistic to say designs like this can change the world, albeit at one tiny little moment, one opinion, or one conversation at a time. Or more directly, how slogan campaigns can raise serious cash for charities who work in the field on issues like this.



 2. Choose Love T-shirt by Katharine Hamnett for Help Refugees

A twist on the iconic ‘Choose Life’ slogan to raise funds for Help Refugees designed by Fashion legend Katharine Hamnett. This tee captured a lot of people’s feelings at a time in the world where people seem increasingly divided. A rad example of campaigning done right.



Peace and Love T-shirt By Bella Freud for War Child

1. Peace and Love T-shirt by Bella Freud for War Child UK

Kate Moss wearing Bella Freud’s Peace And Love design has to take the top spot on this slogan tee shakedown. It’s colourful, fun and is a great demonstration of how simple words left to soak in a slogan can create lovely feelings that people love to wear. This print, for War Child UK, is designed to raise awareness and important funds for the international work War Child does on serious issues – funded by a fun, positive print.



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