14 brands with jaw-dropping photography

The data shows that photography is the thing that consistently separates the good brands from the great. In this blog, we look at the brands that have taken photography to the next level on their Teemill-powered stores and achieved stunning results. All you need is a smartphone and a little inspiration. Take a look at what you could create, in no particular order we start with the amazing Wintercroft.


14. Wintercroft

Wintercroft masks are instantly recognisable for their popping geometric identity. Steve and the team recreated their iconic style with some awesome designs for clothing and launched some shoots mixing their love of the outdoors, animals and quirky masks to create these photos which are instantly striking. We love how they create images that create a unique feel, with faceless models that are equal parts intimidating, inspiring and just super cool.



Ironic Lux

13. Ironic Lux

Ironic Lux is a fashion brand based in Madrid, Spain. The team create designs taking iconic images and adding their own twist. Sometimes the designs are simple, but the team behind the brand have taken full advantage of their city location, capturing on-trend urban photography that feels instantly authentic, metropolitan and fashionable. We love how they’ve used real models and everyday locations, and how they style up the products into outfits making the brand feel like a second home for style-conscious shoppers.



Rock N Roll Bride

12. Rock N Roll Bride

Rock N Roll Bride’s electric brand identity combined with their awesome slogan t-shirts and their photography blew us away. This photo captures the whole brand in one image, dynamic, vibrant and alternative. The thing that Rock N Roll Bride totally understand is the way that choosing an amazing model and styling up to align with your brand values can totally change the dynamic of a shoot, and create a really powerful result. One of the coolest models we’ve seen with incredible electric hair, the lipstick and tattoos and the results speak for themselves. The energy and confidence blasts out through your screen.




11. Eco Boost

Simple and beautiful, we like the Eco Boost shots because they show that lifestyle photography doesn’t need to be a big deal. You can get awesome results even if you’re using a smartphone. The Eco Boost team have a simple clean brand identity that aligns with their healthly living and sustainability message. By using real models that genuinely relate to their message, and simple locations the results really compliment their cute slogan tees. Get out there and give it a go!




10. Yanmos

Ourdoorsy brand Yanmos boasts some of the most powerful designs in the environmental category on Teemill, with compelling backstories, focused on the environment and climate change. Their awesome photography takes this to the next level. Yannis targets a young, active audience who are switched on to the stories behind the product. He’s used it to generate images and by carefully selecting starter templates that match his brand identity, he’s been able to quickly add a lifestyle feel to his store and complete the look.



Lunki Streetwear

9. Lunki Streetwear

Lunki Streetwear is a sustainable fashion start-up based in Finland with an edgy urban identity. The creatives behind the brand know that young people want authentic, underground brands that understand modern life. Lunki shoots on the streets and goes for cool models and locations around Helsinki. It’s the kind of authentic street-level branding that huge brands would pay a fortune to recreate, but startups like Lunki – who are living it – can come up with using just a phone. We think that’s one of the best photo tips for brand builders – be yourself, shoot people and places you think are cool – authenticity is effortlessly cool.



Yellow Matilda

8. Yellow Matilda

The couple behind Yellow Matilda are traveling the world whilst building a brand from their camper van. Their brand identity is all about adventure and exploring the amazing places they find along the way. The instant you load their site you’re transported away to someplace beautiful. Their recipe is really simple; wear your own brand and just stop and take a photo when you are out and about. Check out the results, they’re beautiful, authentic and inspiring.



The Worldwide Tribe

7. The Worldwide Tribe

There is an incredible story behind this brand. The Worldwide Tribe spread a message that goes straight to your heart. We love the positivity and humanity behind this brand and it really shines through in their photography. A cool trick The Worldwide Tribe use it to turn their photos black and white, this instantly creates consistency of style and makes the products feel classy and premium.



Emily Hart

6. Emily Hartridge

Emily Hartridge is a vlogger who has attracted a massive following for her straight-up front videos that give us an open and honest look into her world. Emily celebrates the eccentric side of our personalities with these funny, simple, taboo-busting designs and brings it all together – as you’d expect from a pro vlogger – with these far out selfies styled to perfection. You just can’t help but love everything she makes.



I've got guts

5. I’ve Got Guts

The team behind I’ve Got Guts campaign to remove the stigma around bowel conditions. These bold statement prints are inspired by fashion designer Katharine Hamnett and instantly get people talking about the issue.

We love this because the team uses studio photography. Studio photography is great because it is indoors, meaning you don’t need to worry about the weather, season, time so you can shoot your products all year round in exactly the same style.



I'm Fine

4. Heartknoxx

The team behind Heartknoxx are raising awareness for mental health by using bold prints and hashtags. By engaging with trending topics and encouraging customers to share selfies wearing their products, the team create viral effects with every campaign. We love Heartknoxx’s photography because the models are super confident and the locations and lighting are beautiful. Combined with a trending hashtag it’s social media gold.



she shirts

3. She Shirts

The team at She Shirts are just the most fun. They have designed a feminist clothing range with each product telling a different story. Their photography is lovely, their huge grins make this brand feel so authentic and inclusive. The team do this by using happy, real-life models in groups shots – they all have their arms around one another giving off a really fun, friendly and positive vibe. Their photography just makes us feel happy.

This next photo is wheely good (sorry)…




2. Coolwich

Coolwich is a brand that was born in Woolwich, in South East London whose aim is to celebrate their corner of London and the Coolwich way of life. This photo captures everything that is rad about this brand. A lovely model with a simple print, graded in black and white gives this photo a cool, urban feel. The dude popping a wheely in the background adds so much character, making this brand feel so genuine.



Nocturnal Creatures

1. Nocturnal Creature

Nocturnal Creature is an independent clothing brand who are taking over London’s techno and house music scene with their young, on-trend brand. We love Nocturnal Creatures because their identity is so real and authentic – going out to a club, looking good and enjoying music with their friends is what they are about. The team uses beautifully diverse models which align perfectly with their image. They didn’t need to go far to find this image, they just asked their friends if they wanted to help out and the results are mind-blowing.

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