12 of the most fun animal prints

Animals are an inspiration and a good starting point for designs. Everyone loves animals, and you can have so much fun with the shapes and meaning. Add glasses and a hat to a cat or teach a horse morse, go low poly or mix and match with shapes. We always enjoy seeing animal prints do well, so we picked out 12 of the most fun animal prints on Teemill right now.

12. Howling Wolf T-shirt by MyCreatures

Marc designs incredible animal-based prints with a geometric theme like this Howling Wolf tee. We love the retro colours in this design and the awesome use of shape, where he low poly howling wolf is framed in an almost superman style.


An image of thr Whale Love Tee by Rapanui Clothing

11. Whale Love Top by Rapanui

Next up, these playful hand-drawn whales with love heart bubbles, easy going feel-good vibes with a nautical theme. Silhouettes and patterns work well with animal shapes.


The dog and boy flying to the moon on a bike by Jimmy the Bull

10. Moon T-shirt by Jimmy the Bull

The best thing about digital printing is that, particularly on white tees, you can get photo-quality results. That means taking the restrictions away from t-shirt designers and unlocking new possibilities, like mixing two mediums – photography and illustration.



A beautiful Whale launching out of the sea by WDC

9. Humpback Whale T-shirt by WDC

This amazing Humpback Whale print by WDC takes the full colour printing potential of our tech and with a little curating into this on-trend triangular style, makes it feel like the whale is going to splash right out of the shirt. We love seeing these photo prints on white tees and baseball tops!



Kingfisher mid-flight by Rapanui Clothing

8. Kingfisher T-shirt by Rapanui

More low poly prints and this time one of Britain’s most iconic birds. With an impressive range of colour, modern print technology makes it possible to create designs with even more depth and clarity.



The Cruelest Show tee protecting those in needs by Four Paws

7. Cruelest Show T-shirt by Four Paws

We’re really into this design by Four Paws hinting the issues around animal cruelty and the circus. The contrasting typefaces that frame the iconic tiger in the center make the print seem vintage and timeless. It’s a serious issue but a cool fundraising tee.


A flying Tern shown in its glory by Birdlife International

6. Flying Tern T-shirt by Birdlife International

BirdLife International is a global partnership of conservation organisations (NGOs) that strives to conserve birds and their habitats. Their approach to fundraising tees is really simple, and it proves less is more. Their prints often feature images of endangered or threatened species on the tee. The beauty of the wildlife is all that’s needed to start a conversation, and the backstory of the product is what spreads the message, and raises awareness of their important work. These bird designs are just stunning, almost as pretty as the real thing.



Cetacean Collage T-shirt by World Cetacean Alliance

5. Cetacean Collage T-shirt by World Cetacean Alliance

The World Cetacean Alliance have teamed up with artist Michelle Fleur to create this breathtaking Cetacean Collage. The design makes for a beautiful montage of all the natural beauty in Whales, Dolphins and Narwals. It’s was an instant favourite for us using realistic illustrations and we loved seeing the detail come out in the gradients and splashes of colour.



Bear cycling on a penny farthing by Rapanui Clothing

4. Bear Cycling T-shirt by Rapanui

Rapanui return again on this countdown with this playful print with a bear cycling on a penny farthing (crazier things have happened). Animals doing things that they don’t normally do can be super fun, and people love fun tees.



Saving the Bees with the sound of summer tee by Bumblebee conservation

3. The sound of Summer T-shirt by Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust are a fun bunch and whilst it would not be an understatement to say that they are trying to prevent total ecological collapse through the conservation of pollinators, they also understand that the iconic little insects they protect are loved by the public. So their kooky and fun prints are positive and celebrate bees with genuinely trendy prints. It’s a clever way to introduce conservation to a new audience, and get people thinking.



HammerHead shakes forming a heart by Project Aware

2. Hammerhead Sharks T-shirt by Project AWARE

Project AWARE uses sharks in shades of blue to create a super awesome illusion of depth in the shape of a heart. We love how we can almost picture each individual shark moving. Sharks are often seen as dangerous hunters of the deep, this tee aims to outline even sharks feel love and maybe are just a little misunderstood.



Polar Berg T-shirt by Rapanui Clothing

1. Polar Berg T-shirt by Rapanui

The best selling animal print to date is animal royalty, the Polar Bear. This Polarberg print cleverly deals with climate change and the risks of polar ice caps melting – the consequences to wildlife is obvious. Another example of iconic animals that work well in t-shirt designs, and at the same time a final reminder, that a design can say a lot without having to say anything.

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