25 small tweaks that can ramp up growth

If you’re the kind of person that seeks to be the best, you might have heard of a guy called Wiggo. Tour de France winner, pile of Olympic Golds, Knighthood – results that come from performance. Behind the man was a coach who’s Marginal Gains philosophy revolutionised high-performance coaching.

Dave Brailsford is the guy behind Team Sky and GB cycling who has revolutionised performance coaching. Everything he does is based on one simple idea:

There’s not one thing that will make 25% difference. Instead, there might be 25 little things that will make 1% of difference.

1% is almost not worth it on the surface, but when you add all those little marginal gains up, you get a huge change in results. For the sporting world, that means titles, trophies – everything it means to be a winner. Selling t-shirts online with Teemill is very similar to sport. You’re already ahead of the competition as they’re still trying to buy all the parts and build a bike – by embracing our cutting edge, print on demand technology, you’ve got the latest in your hands already, for free. What do you do to win? We’ve compiled a list of 25 marginal gains for you below. You’ll find that whilst each one individually makes a very little difference, by the end you might be surprised at how much your sales change.

  1. Learn about photography
  2. Do a photoshoot with your samples
  3. Improve your writing
  4. Learn about SEO
  5. Prepare your store for advertising
  6. Learn how to try advertising
  7. Learn about getting PR
  8. Learn about writing newsletters
  9. Prepare your store for advertising
  10. Learn about social scheduling
  11. Increase engagement on social media
  12. Save time with social automation
  13. Read some case study’s
  14. Develop better t-shirt design ideas
  15. Learn about artwork formatting
  16. Get started on Google Adwords
  17. Learn how to nail a new collection
  18. Use #hashtags to get your stuff seen
  19. Use these 4 fast things to boost traffic
  20. How to boost your conversion rate
  21. Drive improvement with better statistics
  22. Learn how to boost traffic to your store
  23. Make money from trending topics
  24. Build a Facebook Shop
  25. Try a remarketing ad

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