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With over 2.8 billion people active on social media there has never been a bigger opportunity for new brands to directly access new customers, and fast. But sometimes, it seems pretty hard to get traction. In this blog we look into the tactics that the fastest growing brands on Teemill use to boost traffic and sales, leaving you with a bunch of options and ideas about what to post and when to post it.

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Social media is a fast, free way to reach out to your audience and publishing regular, high-quality posts you can retain customers, increase engagement and drive traffic to your store – all good stuff that leads to sales. Keeping the quality and frequency high can be tricky at first so we’ve decided to outline and explain some of the quick and easy ways to come up with stuff you can use for social media marketing.

Content marketing works where people follow your stream because they’re interested in it. You get to plug your products from time to time. For it to work, your content needs to be consistent and your products relevant to the interest.

Whatever you post, keep it on brand.

Firstly, it’s worth thinking about your brand identity and what your follower’s interests are. Once you’ve done that, stick to it: Posts that aren’t aligned with the reason people follow you mean’s you’ll lose engagement and followers, and if you recycle your social media content into newsletters you’ll see open rate decrease if you go off message. Before you start posting, make sure you remind yourself what your project is about and what the themes are. It helps to research the hashtags that people you are targeting use, or the hashtags and content posted by people who are active in your niche.

Create a mood board with a website like Pinterest. Pin 15 – 20 images you think best represent the core values and stories that really capture the feeling of your brand.

That then serves as a handy guide that says “this is what my feed should look like.” Below is an example of the Teemill identity and an in-house brand we manage. At a glance, you’ll notice stories about tech, adventure, renewable energy, supply chain, charity, innovation – all content that the customer will love. We don’t post anything else.

When you think about what stories to publish, take a look at the board and refresh yourself on the themes that make your brand work.

Pictures tell a thousand words

Amazing quality photography is the minimum when you post on social media. Apps like Instagram and Facebook are designed to prioritise images over text.

Visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

People like seeing pictures of people, so getting some samples and setting up a shoot is a great way to inject life into your brand and create a sense of newness.

Feature a product

One of the easiest and quickest stories you have access to are the products in your store. Think about the story of the product and what it means to you and to the brand. One of the best things about this type of post is that it is something people can buy. If you’re stuck on what to write, you can use the product description you’ve already got – and we’ve got some handy tools to help out with this, like a blog on how to write better descriptions and some other cool marketing tools.

Social media

From time to time offers are available to Teemill store operators which means you can create a real sense of urgency and turn passive followers into immediate customers. When a promotion is on that’s a hot story you can push out to your customers over social media. We’ll let you know well in advance before we run an offer via email and in your Teemill notifications, so you can have time to prepare and schedule your content. Alternatively, you can order some samples and launch a competition to get some excitement going. If the terms of the comp are that the winners send pictures back, that’s some free content you can use too.


A candid shot of you and the team designing the next collection for your brand is a cool way for your customers to get a behind-the-scenes take on your brand, giving it an exclusive and alive feeling. If you’re worried your workspace doesn’t look pro enough, do behind the scenes shots in black and white – it makes scenes look cool and timeless.

Share the love

Some of the coolest content is fan generated. You can ask your customers to send in their photos or tag you in their pictures: Or if you’re just starting out, ask your mates to get some shots of them wearing your products. Great stories from customers that feature your product can give the brand a sense of action, reality and reach.

Engagement is awesome because it affects the algorithms that run social media platforms. If a person comments, it shows in their friend’s timeline.

It’s also one of the most fun parts of building a brand. You can increase engagement by changing the way you frame your posts and by asking your followers questions. Adding “what do you think?” to a post is one of many ways to increase engagement.

Re-post news stories

If at this point you’re worried about how you’re going to create all this content, don’t be. Often all you need to do is curate it for people.

If you see a story online that’s relevant, don’t be afraid to repost it. Finding pictures or video that are relevant to your brand, and sharing them with a caption is a great way to keep your customers coming back for more.

Remember to check the rights on the content and if necessary give the right credit to the rights holder. And when it comes to your customers, make sure you add a call to action at the end of the caption. If they’re into the content, where should they go to buy stuff that they’d love? (hint: your store…)

Keep it consistent

Make sure you post regularly. This might mean doing all your posts in one batch with a scheduler and using social automation – saving you time and ensuring your posts are dropped each day. And our last tip? The science shows you’re probably not posting regularly enough: Whatever you do, do more of it.

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