5 ideas for Social Media Marketing

Social media is a fast, free way to reach out to your audience and make them aware of your products on Teemill. There are people out there like you who think what you have to say is cool. There’s only one way to reach them, and that’s to post some content.

Before you start posting, make sure you remind yourself what your project is about, what the themes are, and what might not be on-brand. Also, it’s good to remember that amazing photography is expected these days – you may need to get some samples for a shoot. Also, don’t underestimate the power of amazing text to capture – or put off – your customer.

Tip: Learn more with these blogs about taking great photos and great content writing.

1. Feature product

One of the easiest ways to generate ideas is too look at the products you have, and post them. Find an item in your Teemill store that you think is great, and post the image with a caption. A good way to frame this is as a staff pick, or most popular this week feature.

It’s super simple, super easy and gives people a clear message: Buy this product now.

2. Fan photo

Some of the coolest content is fan generated. You can ask your customers to send in their photos or tag you in their pictures: Or if you’re just starting out, ask your mates to get some shots of them wearing. Great stories from customers that feature your product can give the brand a sense of action, reality and reach.

3. Republish relevant Stories

You don’t need to create all the content: You can let great content by others rub off and reinforce your brand values by sharing it through your channel.

If you see a story online that’s relevant, don’t be afraid to repost it. Finding pictures or video that are relevant to your brand, and sharing them with a caption is a great way to keep your customers coming back for more.

Remember to give them a call to action at the end of the caption: Shop t-shirts for [relevance] at www.mystore.com

4. Competition

Teemill lets you get one-off printed samples at affordable rates, with no set up. You might choose to launch a competition in return for a giveaway – but approach with caution. It’s important to make sure you get a reasonable return on your investment – make sure the competition outcome is valuable to you. It would be far wiser to ask for signups to your Mailchimp database than for an extra like or two, for example.

5. Consistency

Whatever you do, make sure you post regularly. This might mean doing all your posts in one batch with a scheduler and using social automation – saving you time and ensuring your posts are dropped each day. Either way, the best brands will post regularly to keep dormant customers interested, as per the marketing rule of seven.

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