6 puntastic prints we love

People love fun Tees and to make people laugh they need their joke to be quick. Puns work great on t-shirts for this reason. Using both big slogan prints or a cartoon image they are a sure way for you to get your customers smiling.  Here are 6 punny tees to inspire your next collection.

Broc 'N' Roll T-shirt by The Vegan Society

6. Broc ‘N’ Roll T-shirt by The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society encourages people to live life excluding all forms of cruelty and exploitation towards animals. We love this funny veg inspired Broc ‘N’ Roll tee. The store is packed with witty puns backed up by cartoon prints that really pop.



Human Beatbox T-shirt by Darren Walsh Puns

5. Human Beatbox T-shirt by Darren Walsh Puns

Darren’s brand is a natural extension of his stand up show, he just can’t stop telling jokes. Like all clever comedians, he breaks down words and changes their meanings. We love this Human Beatbox tee because it takes you a second to get it. Funny!



Don't Go Bacon My Heart T-shirt by Sh!t Jokes

4. Don’t Go Bacon My Heart T-shirt by Sh!t Jokes

Sh!t jokes pride themselves on providing the best worst jokes and creating crisp prints bursting with humour. We love this playful pig print and solid easily readable font. A totally punny tee.



Let It Be T-shirt by Bugs Life

3. Let It Bee T-shirt by Bugs Life

Some puns have a serious side. The Let It Bee tee by Bug Life is about raising awareness of the importance of insects when it comes to ecosystems. Simple, bright and colourful and with an important environmental message too. support for all the insects that have an important role in running the planet.



Say Aloe T-shirt by Sh!t Jokes

2. Say Aloe T-shirt by Sh!t Jokes

Say Aloe to this chuckletastic design by Sh!t Jokes. We love the minimalist illustration and the quirky handwritten text. It’s simple, timeless and just a fun little gag. These kinds of products always do really well as sometimes less is more.




Squid Goals T-shirt by The Unmumsy Mum

1. Squid Goals T-shirt by The Unmumsy Mum

This has to be number one. So much effort has gone into this squid and text and it’s just such a super 2018 print. Pun tees are great if you can take a word and play around with it to make it funny, its even better if that word is a buzzword right now. Its such an on-trend print right now, its fresh and it’s new and its no wonder that these are absolutely flying out.

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