9 amazing prints by plant powered people

Looking at the vegan-inspired designs getting printed daily at the Teemill factory, it is clear that among the 550 million vegans (and counting) there are some incredible graphic designers. In this blog, we feature the best bold slogan designs, cute illustrations and witty puns by plant powered people. Check out a collection of the best vegan designs on Teemill below for your weekly dose of design inspiration.

9. Stab Tofu by Cocinina Vegana

Vegans are passionate about their values and when it comes to non-violence, it’s hard to disagree. It’s a serious message, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it, and this print from the Cocinana Vegana team draws a chuckle that any tofu veteran can buy into. With the lovely photography, these guys have on their store their stuff just had to be on this list. Tofu, your time’s up.



Beats not meats

9. Beats Not Meats T-Shirt by Feral Ethics

We love this clever little print from Feral Ethics combining a sweet little beetroot illustration and bold black text. The slogan really carries this design along with a Summery festival vibe.



Powered By Plants

8. Aubergine T-Shirt by Vegan Food Living

Who wouldn’t want to wear an aubergine with a sweatband on a t-shirt? A bright colour scheme and natural feeling type compliment the fun identity behind the Vegan Food Living brand. The thing we love about this print is the energy in the character, and the clever warp on the text to round off the type. Add a curvy text to a curvy design for a natural feel.

Next up, there’s Hummus among us…



powered by hummus

7. Powered By Hummus T-Shirt by The Vegan Society

Plant-powered people understand the magical day-long energy sustenance that hummus can provide. This design is clean, neat and straight to the point in the proven statement tee style. The skill is in finding the words but the best thing about this style is the speed and ease that you can produce winning prints. Try the slogan and text templates in the product designer and add neat little slogans and catchphrases your audience can relate to.



vegan sidekick

6. Legs T-Shirt by Vegan Sidekick

A strong design perfect for people with strong opinions. Vegan Sidekick has gained hundreds of thousands of followers with their straight to the point vegan comedy, and the lovely style of the comic-strip pics suited t-shirts perfectly. The single colour designs work great as simpler, less colourful designs are on trend.



unicorn t-shirt

5. Junk Food Unicorn Vest by Secret Society of Vegans

Sometimes the best designs come out when you smash two designs or concepts together, like junk food and Vegans. Printed tees that are jokey, clever or quirky sell well because there’s fun people out there who like to wear stuff that makes them chuckle. Plus, we had to include this one because unicorn.



styngvi clothing

4. Compassion is Sexy T-shirt by Styngvi Clothing

We love this simple, one colour print with a bold slogan and a bit of original illustration. Line art prints really feel high quality, as if some real care has gone into the product and the story behind it. Line art illustrations are in right now and many of the designs in this post use this method, drawing on paper first then scanning in and digitizing to add text and finish off.



broc and roll

3. Broc ‘n’ Roll T-Shirt by The Vegan Society

We really like this tee as it’s a positive and funny look at what it means to live as a vegan. Whilst this design is put together well, you can see that you don’t need to be a pro artist to make a great tee. A clever play on words printed on a tee is enough to stand out and that’s why this fun little design is one of the most popular on Teemill… broc on.



bear cycling t shirt

2. Bear T-shirt by Rapanui

We included one of our own here to share a little idea, which is that you can make products for vegans without excluding other folks from outside your niche, limiting your potential sales. In this case simple fun animal prints with a quirky dash of personality make for great prints that vegans will love, but everyone can buy into.



Born To Roam Wild T-Shirt

1. Born To Roam Wild T-Shirt by Animaltopia, Compassion Collective

This print is really special and the energy and attention to detail that went into creating it blows the mind. Packed with detailed characters, it captures the essence of being vegan. Sweet illustrations with a compelling and subtle slogan target the hearts of the vegan audience making this our staff pick as one of the best vegan themed product on Teemill.

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