A view into Lucy’s world

Designer veteran Lucy has created unique and compelling designs by using Teemill. Through her talent she has gained a community, sharing her passion for her prints. We caught up with her recently to find out more about her products and the story behind these stunning works of art.

Lucy, we’re stoked to be able to catch up could you tell us a little more about your story?

I’m a Scottish Illustrator with almost 20 years experience creating fashion and beauty illustrations and artwork. My work has featured in magazines, on billboards, on record covers (yes I’m that old), in music videos and on clothing.

The markets and industries that illustration collides with are always changing but illustration itself will always be relevant, as long as people continue to visually communicate.

As an illustrator, it’s your job to find new ways of communicating – this can be discovering a new piece of technology or simply getting back to basics and reinvigorating your practice with a stick of charcoal. Exploring new mark making and composition techniques are what drives me – there’s nothing quite as pleasurable as drawing a really ‘juicy’ line.

That’s awesome! So why did you decide to do a store?

I’ve created work for clothing previously but never explored creating my own range of printed clothing. I’ve often been asked if I sell tees or totes and it felt like a good time to finally reply ‘YES- I BLOODY DO!’

What is your plan for marketing, any specific strategies or tactics you’re trying at the moment?

Using Instagram to communicate is natural to me as I’ve worked on creating a strong following over the past few years. I like to keep my social media natural in style and content – I try not to overdo the sales as I find it can drive your core audience away. The next stage of my marketing plan is to work with fellow female illustrators to cross-promote – working with people I genuinely admire and feel have talent is essential to me and if I can support other women working in art and design, that’s great.

Sweet! Can you tell us something you’re excited about with this project?

I’m excited to see the range evolve as I respond to sales and feedback… It’s a new direction for me so I’m completely open to wherever it takes me!

When it comes down to the ambition of your store, where do you hope it goes?

I’d like to experiment a little more with the illustrations that feature on my range and hit more international markets.

How did you approach this project in terms of your values, what are you hoping to get out of it and what are you looking to achieve?

From a product quality and sourcing point of view, I’m delighted that I could create such a great looking store that is entirely ethical – that was massively important to me and why I responded so positively to the Teemill brand. As to where things go from here – I’d like to build a strong brand that creates a reliable side-income.

Well, we are glad Teemill has worked for you! Is there a product that you are most excited about? If so why?

I’m in love with the white/grey ‘Swing’ fitted tee, featuring Twiggy – I love them all but it’s the one I immediately wanted to test myself! You can’t beat a plain tee with a strong monochrome drawing – it goes with everything too!

What advice would you give someone in a similar position, how do they get started in building an awesome store?

Be clear with the type of image you want to portray and select your images based on that – editing is soooo important! Also, take your time and don’t rush the selection process when building a range… ask your friends and fellow illustrators for their feedback and LISTEN!

Thank you so much for your time Lucy and giving us an insight into your headspace! Keep those awesome designs coming and the best of luck with your store! 

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