Dr.Lauren stands up for Junior Doctors

The campaign to support Junior Doctors in their fight against imposed contract changes has the benefit of the passionate, well-organised and genuine team at @wearyournhs, plus a little magic from Teemill to make t-shirts happen. This is a story of a campaign using social media to gain national awareness for a cause.

This case study examines the success story of a 21st-century campaign, using the latest print on demand technology, social media and user-generated content to finance, sustain and win an issue. This campaign in support of Junior Doctors used Teemill to build a free campaign t-shirt shop in 24 hours, which took and shipped 2000 orders a day at the height of the 6-month campaign.

Embracing new Technology

The campaign team understood that in order to sustain their activities, they would need some finance. Relying on donations was considered unattractive, and sure to be outgunned by the deep pockets of adversaries.

The team also wanted to have some community, continuity and visual identity to allow supporters to show clearly how their values aligned. They knew their strengths were in their authenticity, their grasp of the main issues and their ability to communicate – They were unafraid to embrace new technology for the rest of it.

Teemill came recommended from young charity fundraising contacts as a way to get the whole supply chain from website, ecommerce system, t-shirt printing and shipping in a day – without any cost.

The campaign team immediately recognised the advantage of raising funds through Teemill and sorting their entire t-shirt supply issue out, without having to do any work. It took 24 hours from decision point to launch, and the first sale.

The team identified that a print on a white t-shirt would result in double the royalty payments for their campaign, and took a design by Dame Vivienne Westwood and applied it to our unisex tee in white. The team could immediately see the benefit of Teemill’s award-winning supply chain traceability and how it protected them from an attempt to undermine the campaign.

Communication, celebrities and pictures

The campaign team has a really genuine, authentic message on an issue we can all relate to. But that didn’t guarantee them success: The dedication to communicating with supporters every day, and scheduling meant that lots of posts were seen on a hashtag at the right time.

Active PR included requests for celebrities to add their voice – this built momentum and made the message travel. The campaign team also recognise that a picture speaks a thousand words and make sure they post lots of great photography

Including followers

One of the great things about the Junior Doctors campaign is its longevity, and continuity – the clever use of fan-generated photos on a hashtag. The campaign has built-in momentum. Someone who really cares about supporting Junior Doctors will get a t-shirt, then post a selfie in support – both generating great content for the campaign but also making other like-minded people aware of its existence.


Not afraid to repeat an important point

The campaign team recognised that on social media, the message can get lost quickly in the noise. Rather than be held back by fear of bombarding supporters, the team fearlessly post a lot of stuff each day and regularly repost or repeat important points, automating the message across multiple social media profiles and scheduling for key times.

Mix of media

The campaign uses social media to spread the campaign by empowering the fans to buy a t-shirt on Teemill and share a picture showing their support for the cause. In this way, Teemill allows that powerful, visual link between each photo to happen – by producing and shipping the t-shirts for the campaign.

The team also use PR, press releases and other 21st century sites like Buzzfeed to get their message across and find new supporters.

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