Boost Traffic with 4 Fast Things

Traffic is directly linked to how much money you make on Teemill. Just like a real shop, a percentage of people coming through the door will buy something. Boosting traffic is a sure-fire way to increase sales.

We do a lot of work at Teemill HQ to make sure your conversion rate is super high: From offering responsive, fresh and professional web store templates, epic 99.9% uptime and rapid page speed through to writing these handy blogs (you’re welcome). This means you are in a good place to convert traffic into sales.

Let’s focus on getting more traffic. Take these four quick actions to boost traffic, and sales this week.

1. Post now

There’s nothing stopping you from posting right now on your social accounts. Make light work of it with automating cross channel, and set yourself up for success with scheduling. If you’re looking for quality content ideas, keep it simple and post a product feature, staff pick, customer review or offer. Remember, a great picture and great writing will multiply your chances of success!

2. Newsletter

A person can sit in shade on a sunny day because someone planted a tree there a long time ago. Building a newsletter is like nurturing a plant, but those with a strong database really appreciate it’s value on those slow days, where a quick newsletter sparks a run of sales that really brings profit back to life. Start now by building and working your newsletter.

3. PR feature

Easily the most powerful opportunity to build SEO rankings and reach new, quality customers is the editorial feature. Writing a great press release and sending a relevant journalists your story will get you noticed, and drive traffic from the story immediately, and Google over time.

4. Repeat

It’s no good doing a temporary job, and expecting permanent results. Set a rhythm with your posts, newsletters and PR and build momentum. You will overestimate what you might achieve in 1 month, but underestimate what you will achieve in 6.

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