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Facebook now have over 2 billion monthly users. With that kind of potential, making sure your brand and your products are visible on social media is a great marketing strategy. Facebook realise the potential for brands on their platform and have made a shop app that allows you to list your Teemill products. It’s free, and in this blog we share a guide on how to get started and make use of the additional features you can unlock on Facebook once your store is live.

A dedicated facebook shop lets you show and advertise your products and collections to people directly on Facebook. Your followers and new customers will not have to leave Facebook to view and browse your products – and when they’re ready to checkout Facebook Shop directs them straight to your Teemill store. It’s completely free and super easy to set up – and another passive way to build extra income and keep steady traffic coming to your store.

By adding a Facebook Shop your products will be visible on your page 24/7 and you can link your products to your posts to make promotion easier. And if Facebook advertising is part of your plan, having a dedicated Facebook Shop makes creating ads simpler.

We’re seeing stores with Facebook Shops getting massive increases in conversions when they add products to a post. The products appear under the post, so you can write a natural story or just add a photo, and it appears as if Facebook itself is plugging the product placement.

How to get started

First, it’s important to make sure you have a great looking Teemill store and awesome designs. The details, like compelling product descriptions and neat photography (either your own or photos made with our tools), really make a difference. You’ll also need a Facebook Page for your brand or business. Once you’re ready to go, it’s time to log in and get started.

  • On your Page, click the Shop tab. (If you don’t see the Shop tab, click here).
  • This is the important bit – during setup, click Check Out on Another Website. This allows you to link across to your Teemill store when you add products to your shop section.
  • Choose the currency you want to use. This currency will apply to all your products and can’t be changed unless you delete your shop section and create a new one.
  • Add your branding and description, then create your products.
  • And that’s it. Save up, give it a quick test and you should see a shop with your products that links across to your store for checkout.

After setting up your Facebook Shop, make sure to keep it updated with new product releases and photography as your brand and products develop. We find that you do not need to have all of your products on your Facebook Shop – often only your best ones, and keeping some back gives the customer a reason to go to your store and browse around a little more. This can increase the chances of a successful sale.

We also recommend creating product categories so that the collection on your Facebook shop is super easy to navigate.

Like on your Teemill categories, the top Teemillers put their best sellers at the top of their Facebook Shop. By making the best products visible first it increases engagement and conversion rate.

After you have built your Facebook store you can now use the content in your shop to make better and more effective ads. As you boost posts or launch campaigns to increase traffic and find new customers, you will now be able to tag your products in your posts, so if you’ve got a great story your items can appear beneath your post automatically. It is a really nice way to sell products in a bit more of a subtle, and professional way.

With over 2 billion monthly users on Facebook, setting up your shop is a great way to grab a slice of the pie for yourself. Give it a try!

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