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Easily the most fun part of building a brand is the day your samples turn up. With Teemill, it’s super easy to order custom samples to try out new designs or to get some product for your own photoshoot. In this blog, we explore your options for ordering one off samples through to¬†finding out more about wholesale orders for events, promos or retail outlets later down the line.

Teemill is designed to let you build your own store with your own designs and branding and connect it to our print-on-demand factory. Our factory is connected automatically to your Teemill store and as we print in real time, you don’t actually need any stock. But let’s say you want a few t-shirts for yourself (after all, what’s more satisfying than wearing your own stuff?) you can order samples through Teemill. It’s a great way to test out how a design will look in real life, but by far the best use of samples is to go and put on a photoshoot. Ordering 10 or so items and gathering up some models at a cool location can get your brand looking original and fresh, whilst providing content for months of socials, ads and newsletters all in under a day’s work.

To order samples, click on the menu when you are logged in to your Teemill store and navigate to samples. You can order from existing designs, or use the product designer to test or make a unique one off.

Discounts are available too for store owners. The more you order, the cheaper the price. If you want to test out what your custom packaging, hand written note and the overall experience is like the best bet is to order from your own store – you might not get the same discounts as you do ordering from inside Teemill but it won’t cost you full price as you’ll be paid back your royalties.

Put it to work

Samples are a really good investment in your store as you’ll be able to use them for photography and content creation. If you own a bike brand, for example, having a few of your bike tees around helps for when you crack out the gopros and make a bit of bike film. It’s easy to sell the product if you are wearing it in photos and in vlogs.

Great product photography makes creating product pages, categories and homepage images easy and keeping your pictures on your device means you’ve got images on hand for social media, newsletters and ads. It’s the photography that really sets apart the most successful Teemill stores so whether you’re looking just to see what a product will look like – or on a mission to take your brand to the next level, navigate to samples in the main menu and get yourself some stock to play with. It’ll bring your brand to life.

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