Drop tees not bombs with Llanga from CND

The Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament has been working for decades to create a safer future. Like all charitable causes in the 21st century, the internet has unlocked new opportunities to connect with supporters, whilst the strategies around fundraising are changing too. CND has always been a brilliant visual communicator and we caught up with Ilanga to learn their secrets for build a great looking store that seems permanently packed with fresh new campaign prints

So Ilanga, what are the aims of CND in a sentence? And how have you managed to make your store so popular?

CND campaigns to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Simple! As a campaigning organisation, we want to respond to nuclear news stories as soon they happen.

Regular merchandise can take weeks to create, but with Teemill we can design a new product in an afternoon and promote it to our supporters straight away.

So if we plan an emergency demonstration in a week’s time, our supporters can attend wearing relevant slogans that fit with our current campaign focus. Our supporters love the new designs, and many have told us that they love being able to support the cause by buying ethically made environmentally friendly products.

That’s such a great way to take advantage of the flexibility of our tech. How do you connect to people out there after you’ve made the tees?

Our campaign is becoming even more relevant as tensions around nuclear weapons increase. Sharing our designs on social media, with our supporters through updates is as simple as sharing pictures.

We love how people have been seen wearing these at demos.

Exactly, by wearing our own designs for demonstrations and sharing photos, supporters can engage with this kind of thing and keep the conversation going long after the moment has passed. The biggest impact the products have is profile-raising: they get our message out into public spaces that we can’t reach with traditional communications, like print or even social media. They are visual and instant conversation starters.

With the tech we’ve been able to be more creative with our designs. There’s no risky expensive stock to invest in. And the full colour prints allow us to create more bright, eye-catching designs.

We can cater for a more fashion-conscious audience while keeping other CND supporters happy with more traditional designs. We’re noticing a lot more students and young people wearing our products at events now.

Campaign Hoody

Stoked to hear that. We’ve tried to build something that saves people time and money, do you think that’s right?

Definitely. I’m always trying to find ways to maximise what I can do with my time. Which is why we turned to a modern technology solution for it.

We’re literally saving hundreds of hours of staff time.

Teemill lets us promote the campaign and raise money without ever having to deal with ordering stock, constant stock checks, packing and sending orders or deal with returns. And that means we can focus our time raising awareness and funds through the store and most importantly driving forward our mission to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Thanks so much to you and the CND team for taking the time to share your story, Ilanga

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