Content Marketing (How to build followers and sales)

Take a look around wherever you are and ask how many people are on their phone. Social media streams are where people increasingly spend their spare time, and smaller brands are perfectly placed to create content and catch the attention of people bored and online. That’s content marketing, and in this blog we look at how you can attract like-minded customers by creating – or even just reposting – great content on your social media account and how to turn those followers into sales.

When you’re building a brand the relationship between your customer and your product can be easy to oversimplify. We often think that folks look at the product, look at the price and then decide to buy or not. But customers are more dynamic and interesting when it comes to the reasons why they decide to check out. It’s not true for all products, but for many brands their customer’s first purchase is aspirational in nature. Typical first-time customers have a relevant interest and will be inspired in your brand’s values. They will buy into what your brand stands for as they want to support you, or associate their identity with you.

This is something that brands can use to structure their activities. If you can inspire customers and create an identity that people aspire to, those people are likely to buy into it if you give them the opportunity.

People buy clothes that make them feel like who they want to be.

This is why there are more people who wear surf t-shirts than there are regular surfers. Content marketing is about creating content and a feeling around your brand identity that people want to buy into, as opposed to trying to advertise and sell people stuff directly.

Content marketing is really easy online. The best way to do it is via social media. First, you want to take a second to define who your target is. What is your customer inspired in, what stuff might they follow and what hashtags are relevant? It is a really simple strategy. Find out what your target demographic is inspired by and what they are interested in, then make sure you post loads of awesome content that’s consistently on-topic for those interests.

On social media people will search hashtags or be served stuff that’s similar to their interests by the algorithm that runs what they see in their feed. If you use the right hashtags and post regularly, and if the stuff you post is great, you’ll pick up heaps of followers. It really helps if you create and post original content that nobody has ever seen before, but you don’t have to film or photograph everything:
Many folks repost or curate content from others in one place (remember to check permissions of course).

The idea is to build up a big following of people with a relevant interest in you brand, and from time to time, make them aware of your products. If you have products that are high quality and relevant, you’ll find your customers will be even more stoked when you make them aware that they can buy something that they identify with.

And that’s all there is to a content marketing strategy. Build an audience from the ground up with hashtags, by posting content that people love – and then you have a huge ready made dataset to advertise your products to – people who genuinely want the stuff you’re selling.

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