Custom domain on Teemill, the easy way

Teemill comes with a free subdomain and web hosting, meaning that you can build a store at [anydomainyoulike] Some folks prefer to have a simpler, neater domain for their marketing and brand strength. It’s easy to do.

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Once you’ve built a Teemill store, there are many different ways to get your own domain name. The fastest, easiest way is the redirect or 301. This means that you can buy any domain you like (for example, and when a user types this into their address bar, they will be transported to my Teemill store at without noticing.

301 redirects are a free service with most domain providers and take minutes to set up – they give you the best value for money if you’d like to change your Teemill URL to one that is simple and easy to remember.

Combined with custom packaging and the advanced features available in Teemill Pro, it’s an effective way to disguise the fact that your brand runs on Teemill at all.

You can run Teemill entirely on a domain without a redirect, however it requires some dedicated hosting and SSL packages that will cost many hundreds of pounds to set up and run, and to be honest, a 301 works just great these days where URL’s aren’t even fully visible in mobile screens: We tested the conversion rates of a Teemill URL, a 301 redirect and a full SSL. There was no difference at all in over a year’s data.

How to set up a custom domain redirect

Firstly, you need to buy a domain. We recommend GoDaddy for affordable prices and easy domain configuration. Search for a domain and purchase it.

Then follow this up-to-date tutorial on how to configure your redirect from inside the GoDaddy control panel. Make sure to choose ‘Forward only’ rather than ‘Forward with masking’ when it asks what type of forwarding you would like, as masking is not compatible with Teemill.

Forwarding with masking, or using an Iframe to run your Teemill store, is not possible. If we allowed this, it would invalidate the security measures we put in place to keep your cart secure. A 301 forward is faster and secure.

Remember to point it to your Teemill store web address. Sometimes, redirects take up to 24 hours to process. You can check in on the status after you’ve saved the changes by simply typing in your domain in any browser. If it loads your Teemill store, you’ve done it!

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