Custom labels on Teemill (Is unbranded better?)

Labelling adds cost and time, but having other brand’s neck label in your product can really take the edge off your look. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time working on this solution to ensure rapid service, low cost, high quality and authenticity for your brand. That’s why every product is shipped with neck labels like the ones shown in this blog.

Plain, unbranded neck-labels with no branding on them. When you are trying to build a brand, quality and authenticity are a minimum standard. So having the manufacturers branding in the neck label is sort of a no-no, and many startups look to relabelling as the solution. Relabelling is the process of removing the manufacturer’s label and replacing it with your own custom branded label. Relabelling means ripping out the old label from the seam and sewing in a new one over it, or adding an additional print inside the neck.

Relabelling is an extra process and more complexity means more time and more money

And as well as slowing down your order fulfilment and eating into your profits, relabelling is really messy. Unpicking seams and sewing in new labels reduces the product quality, and worse, it often can draw attention to the fact the garment has been relabelled.

There’s a really simple design solution, and that is to make t-shirts that have no branding on the neck label to start with – So that’s what we’ve done.
Some folks have questioned whether or not adding in neck prints adds value and makes the product really way more awesome and incredible. So we tested that too.


Amazing designs sells products, as does great product photos and compelling text.

Our own studies have shown that there is no meaningful increase in sales when you relabel or neck print a tee.

After all, when you think about it, when was the last time you clicked “buy now” online because of a size tag? Relabelling or neck printing will probably not add any value to your brand but it definitely will increase your costs and make life harder. So when you’re thinking about spending your budget, our recommendation is to spend the time and money you’ve saved by using Teemill products with unbranded neck labels on growing your brand instead, with advertising and marketing campaigns.

As all our products are supplied with unbranded neck labels as standard, you can quickly and efficiently launch new products, get same day fulfilment and better profit – you could build, launch, run and then close a campaign in the time your competitors would spend cutting and sewing.

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