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At Teemill, it’s our job to take great care of your order fulfilment and that includes dealing with any returns, exchanges, calls and emails or questions on sizing. This  costs you nothing – we provide this as part of the service. Our team do this every day and they are pros. And we are constantly improving our processes as we believe that incredible service is what matters most to you, the brand owner. If you sell enough products, at some point we together will experience a return or refund. It’s normal, and being prepared so you know how to access our support if your customer contacts you directly will make it a low stress experience. Check this blog to learn more.

Firstly, stats. In the e-commerce fashion world, return rates of 20-40% are common. That means 20-40% of all product most companies send out, comes back for some reason. Returns, exchanges and issues are part of the game when you are in it, and you get more the more you are winning. The only way to have no issues is not to play.

At Teemill our return rate is very low (in single-digits) largely due to the optimisation of our shops, size chart advice and web content. This is a really important feature that is undervalued, but at Teemill we have really advanced technology that analyses this stuff and a team working on preventing the root cause of any return, exchange or product issue that you would otherwise encounter. That’s huge for you. But if you’re selling enough stuff, you will encounter a customer issue.

The point is, zero returns, exchanges and issues is not possible: If you’re selling, you will encounter a return, exchange, refund etc: It will happen and when it does it is normal.

It might be a question from a customer challenging you on where your stuff comes from and how it is made, or it might be an expression of disappointment with the fit or size, or a request for a refund or exchange.

Whatever the issue is we’ll sort it the same working day.

Exchanges are free in the UK, refunds are part of our customer service policy, and we often go above and beyond to make sure your customers are happy.
Every problem or question is a great opportunity to build a customer for life: Our full-time customer care team understands, and we love resolving customer issues and getting amazing reactions out of them: Particularly on social media!

This service costs you nothing – we’ll deal with all your customer issues the same day. So how do you make it happen? Simple…

The fastest way is by email

If you’ve got a customer who needs attention, let us know immediately. You can get in touch via email at or instruct your customer to contact us, your customer support team, on this address. Whatever it is, we’ll take care of it. Our team operates a ticket-based system and we clear all daily tickets every working day. The tickets are also monitored by our senior staff and we monitor, report, analyse and solve the root cause of every issue to design it out. Your brand reputation is in safe hands with pros – so if you have a customer issue, all you need to do is let us know.

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