Our secret recipe for mind-blowing ads

The fastest way to boost your campaign performance is to take your creative to the next level. Every brand is different, but great ads contain a few consistent and universal attributes and in this blog we break down the recipe behind the most eye catching, clickable and totally inviting ads launched by brands on Teemill so far. It will help you increase click through rate and can improve your return on investment for paid ads, and it’s relevant to organic social media posts too. Let’s get started.

Pic – Ian Dooley

For almost a century the rules around what makes a good advert have been fairly consistent even as the delivery method has evolved from newspaper to tv to internet. When you’re building your next ad, consider these attributes when you’re designing your ad creative to see if they help.

Large, clear Product

When you are choosing an image make sure the user can see your product. You might go for a carousel ad for a nice shopping or browsy feel but many brands get better results using a model. Choose your model well. Authentic models are often better than paying a pro anyway, but make sure they look relevant to your product. If you have a brand for rad dads, use a cool older guy that fits your target demographic.
If you use a person, eye contact can catch and holds people’s gaze. You only need one great photo to get started with ads.

If you have some photos of a beautiful landscape that might work great on a homepage banner, but if your product is too far away you might get lots of clicks without sales. Make sure customers can see the product and how it will look before they click, as every click spends your budget.

Compelling wording

It can be hard to know what to write for an ad, but often it’s as simple as using a product description. If you’re planning on spending ads, you’ll have already made sure your store looks incredible and your descriptions are all amazing to maximise the chances of your ads making a return. So take that work and recycle it by copying and pasting a product description.

Make sure your ad contains a clear call to action that makes it clear to the customer what they should do next.

Online ads are sometimes shown more if customers engage with them. You can suggest people tag a friend or comment to kick start this.

Using emojis in your description is an extra way to get a little eye-catching flair into your writing for one or two characters too.

Pick the right ad style

You can run multiple ads within an ad set to test out what works best whilst your campaign is still running, and pick a winner after you have some data to prove which ad gets you the best results.

You can start with your best image with your best product and create a banner ad. You can add carousel ads, which show products in a collection that users can browse before clicking too.

We find that there is no clear “better” ad type, it depends on the demographic. Aspirational lifestyle brands get better results from large, inspiring images with models – whereas funny t-shirt brands get better results from putting their funniest stuff in a carousel.

Make sure you check your links work before launching the ad – and give it a go. The main thing is to stay true to yourself. If you build an ad that you get really excited about launching, other people like you out there online will get excited and click on it too. That’s all there is to it.

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