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When people write blogs, articles or news stories about your brand it helps you increase traffic and if it’s online, it leads to long-term SEO results. The easiest way to do this is by getting your product featured in magazines and listicles. In this blog we talked to experienced PR professionals and wrote up their tips for getting your products featured. It’s easier than you think.

Writers are busy and if you approach them with some content and ask if they would be interested in featuring it, that is not rude – It makes their life easier. That’s only true if your content is relevant and high quality of course. When you are looking to increase brand awareness and boost your traffic, seek out publications and the people who write stuff that is relevant. You can send a press release, but one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started is with product features.

In most magazines, as well as on blogs that publish listicle type content, a selection of 10 or so new products is a regular and popular feature. You can get your products featured in this kind of section for free.

It used to be the case that you would need to send in some freebies to the person researching and publishing this stuff, but nowadays it’s actually easier to take a high quality product photo – often a “flat” of the product without a model, and send that over by email. It saves the writer from having to iron and photograph the product – and saves you money on giveaways.

The main thing is to make sure you select a magazine, blog or site that is as relevant to your products as possible. Make sure you send a personal email (you may have to send loads over a few months before you hear back if people are busy) and show that you have read their stuff and explain why your product is relevant. If you attach the photos to the email and also paste the product into the email so they can see your stuff quickly you will increase the chances they will say yes.

You could try it with the Teemill blog to warm up (hi!). We regularly feature stores and products on our blog – if they’re incredible.

You’ll need to research our contact details and send us an approach. We’ll only publish the best quality products that are on awesome looking stores, and may or may not reply if it’s not right for us – just like a real writer.

You’re now ready to get starting researching magazines and sites that are relevant to your brand for product feature opportunities and the details of the people who put them together.

Remember, quality is more important than quantity. So take your time and tailor what you send, depending on who you are sending it to.

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