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Whenever we talk about Youtube, we make a mental note to think of it as the┬ásecond biggest search engine in the world. It’s just so easy to forget how much traffic is available there. The thing for brand builders is, how do you convert a viewer into a customer? In this blog we have the solution. Youtube cards allow video creators to make a clickable area on their video that links over to your Teemill store. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up and start the traffic flowing.

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Teemill is an official Youtube merch partner. That means you can do some clever stuff with your channel and videos, and perhaps one of the most important things is to get your viewers over to your store to check out your merch. When you’re vlogging or making videos, it’s a good idea to wear your product or mention it. Youtube external link annotations, or cards for short, allow you to make an area of the video clickable at certain times to make the connection seamless and interactive. If your subscribes love your tee, they can just click on it and buy it. No clunky URLs to type in.

Getting started

To get started with external link annotations you have to be part of the Youtube Partnership Program and have over 10k views. If you’re not there yet, check our tips on vlogging and build up your view count for a while, then come back and try this. If you’re at 10k views but not on the Youtube Partnership Program it’s just a form to fill out, the link is here.

Here’s some info on Youtube Cards

Once you have set up your channel ready for cards by joining the Youtube Partner Program, you need to associate your store with your Youtube account. This means that you tell Youtube/Google that you own your Teemill store. You do this through the advanced channel settings tab, or you can get step by step instructions on how to link your store with your channel here

Once you’ve done this, you can go back through your channel and add merch annotations to your videos so that viewers can be channeled across to your merch site. We find that the best results come from a dedicated video to promote their merch, or a series of videos building up to the launch. You could even vlog about the experience of designing your collection and ask your subscribers to contribute their ideas.

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