Free £75 Adwords Credit

Once you’ve got the basics of marketing dialled with Teemill, like great designs, descriptions, promotion and PR, you might want to think about advertising. There’s a fine line between profit and loss – you can’t fail by trying £75 free credit.

Google Adwords is one of the biggest cost-per-click advertising tools in the world. In essence, you can build an advert in text or image form and link it to some search activity. You then pay for each click. If the total cost of clicks for each sale is less than your net profit on Teemill, you are in a seriously good place: Imagine owning a machine where for each pound you put in you get more back…

Getting to that place is tricky and it’s easy to blow all your money.

The automation and digitisation of your cash can automate and accelerate your profits, but equally it can also automate and accelerate your loss.

It’s important to tread carefully and think before you commit real money to cost per click. This includes the £75 credit that adwords awards you for starting out with them.


Adwords demo showing PPC results alongside normal search results on Google page 1.

Adwords demo showing PPC results alongside normal search results on Google page 1.

Here’s a search on Rapanui T-shirt, that shows an adwords text ad, some PLA ads and the remainder is organic SEO results.

Focus on whats not the target.

The best philosophy for starting out can be found in a quote that’s probably been posthumously applied, but is still great: Michelangelo is asked how he can possibly turn a huge boulder into a statue of a man. “It’s easy” he says. “Just chip off all the pieces that don’t look like a man.”

The point is that with adwords, it’s more important to exclude clicks that don’t make money than it is to find willing buyers. The pitfall would be to aim for a wider audience in the hope that some will buy. In reality, your cost per conversion (the amount you spend in clicks per sale you make) will be so high, you wont make a profit.

Eliminate all searches by everyone anywhere at any time and on any device that will are not very likely to buy.

Here are some examples of how

  • Only show to people in target areas, i.e. London
  • Running ads 5pm – 11pm only
  • Content ads only to previous visitors
  • Show the price in the ad, before they click

You can do this in your campaign setup, and for detail on this refer to the many and more detailed introductions on the specifics of Adwords that are covered better elsewhere. As the broad philosophies that lead to success are  absent, we’ll continue to focus at a strategic level.

Choose the correct ad type


Product listing ads have been working well for some of the more advanced Teemill sellers, as their visual format seems to work well with T-shirts. Customers can quickly decide how likely they are to buy, and won’t waste your budget by clicking on a text ad out of curiosity.

Text Ads

The downside is that PLAs tend to be a little more expensive. Text ads can be cheaper, but lack the visual punch and have a lower conversion rate in our experience – they must be very specific to a search term to make money.

Content Based

Lastly content-based ads, like banner ads, are images that can be placed on other websites that sign up to Google’s adsense program. You can select a website that your target demographic uses, and bid to have your banner displayed.

In our experience, the content ads are best used with a “content remarketing” model where they are only displayed to customers who have visited the site, and only after a time delay.

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