More traffic, more sales (Top 5 traffic tactics)

Improving web traffic is a simple and easy win for a store: The more visitors on your store, the more money in your bank. So traffic is an important metric to work on, and is worth talking about in detail. In this blog we looked at the top 5 sources of visitors and discover the tactics used by the pros to generate and sustain traffic. It’s a great starting point if you want to take some action and grow your brand today.

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There is a metric on your Teemill reports page called click value. It takes your conversion rate (the % of people who visit your site and buy something) and your AOV (the average order value) and divides it by your traffic. It gives you a number which is basically the average amount of money you make per visitor. It’s a handy metric for this article as it shows how traffic and money are linked.

When you think of a visit in terms of it’s click value, it is much clearer that maximising traffic is a top priority.

There are loads of different ways to maximise traffic. Just before we get into that, it is worth remembering that click value is about conversion rate too. Setting up your store well means you are set up to make the most of the hard-earned visits. If you generate heaps of traffic and your site is not set up to turn those hits into sales, all that effort will be wasted.

Make sure you have a great looking store with awesome designs, photography and – important for SEO and conversion rate, persuasive product descriptions.

The tactics for increasing traffic are varied. You can pay for traffic or get it free, get it from offline or online audiences, target new or existing customers, use clever tricks or old-school word of mouth. It will take a little time to figure out what works for you. Most pro stores seem to find it’s a mix of two or three strategies like SEO or vlogging that work for them but all the while ads are becoming more powerful and offline stuff less so as the retail world moves online. We’ll detail some examples of strategies you can try today. One thing is certain, you’ll probably be surprised at how easy it is to turn on sales if you really focus on traffic.

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1. Search Traffic

Search traffic comes from people tapping in searches on Google, or similar search engines, and finding your content. How high up on Google you appear is a topic you could read a million different opinions on but it’s quite simple:

Quality, relevant and trusted content appears first.

And as the top spots get nearly all of the clicks, search engine optimisation, or SEO, is worth investing time on. It’s relatively straightforward to get started in SEO. Google shows the site that has relevant content that appears to be trusted by other sites top of search results. So if you use descriptive language in your product titles and product descriptions, Google can understand exactly what your product is and relate it to people searching for it. If you build up some trust by getting other websites to write about you and link to your store, as well as some great reviews, Google will decide your store is trusted and relevant, then turn on the traffic.

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2. Social Traffic

Social media gives brand owners a powerful shot at getting directly in front of the public. Social network content is delivered by algorithms that decide what content to show different demographics. The specific way the algorithm works is a little mysterious but here’s a general rule.

All social networks rely on popular content keeping people engaged and online. They detect popular content by the number of likes, shares and interactions a post gets and their algorithms are biased towards this kind of post. It means that if you can get people interacting and engaging, it will be seen by more people.

There are a few things you can try with your social media, to make sure that as your content is being seen by more people, these people are actually able to navigate to your Teemill store and buy your products.

The bio is where people go if they want to go to your website and buy something. Your posts can end your caption with phrases like ‘check out the link in our bio’.

Try setting up a Facebook shop so you can sell products through social media. The nifty thing about this is it shows buy now buttons linking straight onto your Teemill store. It removes a lot of the time, meaning people who impulse buy will play into your favour. Instagram also lets you set up a shop so you can tag products in your posts.

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People will probably only see 1 in ten of your posts, and modern campaigners post at least once a day on social media, mixing product, content and stories around 50:50. The internet is a busy place and if in doubt, post more – especially if your products have a story behind them.

For more tips about linking up your social media with your t-shirt store, check out the blog below.

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3. Vlogging

Folks often forget that youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, after Google. That’s why vlogging is such an effective way to drive traffic, and it’s super easy to get started.

Vlogging might feel a bit weird at first but it actually is ridiculously easy – so easy, and so effective at reaching people, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before.

If you’re making something interesting, informative or helpful – even your opinion – and establishing a consistent rhythm (say one a week) you’ll pick up some views and subscribers who you can funnel towards your site. Our tips? Make sure your lighting is good and watch a few vlogs to get a feel for the presentation style – then draft a couple of talking points and give it a go.

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4. Launch some Ad campaigns

Many of the strategies we have talked about so far require a bit of creativity and elbow grease but don’t have to cost a penny, just your time. There are shortcuts to boosting traffic radically and within a shorter period of time if you have a budget, and that great big shortcut is called advertising. Whilst SEO, PR, newsletters and social media cost you time, ads cost you money. With ads there is, of course, the potential to earn back more than you spend, it is different because instead of risking your time you risk your budget. There’s no getting away from the fact that paid ads are the main source of sales for most online brands. So sooner or later, a serious online business needs to start.

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At Teemill we really want to see you do well, so make sure before advertising you have followed our pre-ad checklist and read our conversion optimisation blog before placing your ads. These simple steps will improve your chances of getting a good return on investment. We’ve dedicated a whole blog category with everything you need to know about starting out with advertising.

5. Returning Traffic

Although it’s limited in volume, returning traffic should be the easiest to increase. People who have already purchased from your store are 8 times more likely to check out again, which is why a great quality weekly or monthly newsletter is a reliable way to keep your customers along for the journey.

You can use the custom note on the order to encourage the customer to come back and see what’s new or to ask they follow you on social media.

Using strategies like this to keep your followers and subscribers interested with original content, pictures, videos and blogs give you the platform of consistent traffic to build on. When it’s time to launch a new product or collection you’ve got willing listeners and traffic you can turn on with an email or post.

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6. Linking Existing Websites

We see are people using an existing website alongside their Teemill store and there are some really easy ways to link the two so people visiting your website turn into customers.

If you want people to be able to find your products, they need to be able to find them first. Make sure there is a clear link in your navigation bar on your website that goes directly to your shop in your main menu. If you don’t want to divert people away from your website, you can set up this link so when someone clicks on it, it pops up in a new window.

Websites are visual places so it is a really good idea to feature an image of your products on your homepage, which directs people straight through to your store.

Get Started

This is a long blog because traffic isn’t about one thing that you can do to make a 50% difference, instead, it’s a mix of 50 things that get you a 1% increase. The marginal gains to get your traffic really pumping take time to build. But each visit has a value.

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Try a bit of all, then use your analytics suite to monitor activities that start getting results. Change your plan in response to what works for you to create profitable long-term results over time.

One thing that’s certain: Traffic won’t change on its own. But the best thing about traffic is that it’s sticky – once you have built up, it’s easy to keep going.

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