Guest blogging – 5 tactics to boost SEO and traffic

Building links from other quality and relevant sites helps improve your SEO and that leads to more traffic and sales. One of the easiest ways to build links is by writing some stuff as a guest blogger on sites relevant to what you’re doing. The best bit is that you control the content, so you can weave in a little plug and a quality backlinks to your Teemill store as well as get direct traffic from readers. This blog explains some quick and easy tactics for boosting your store’s SEO and traffic and get started with guest blogging.

When returning a set of search results, who comes top is decided by a mixture of how relevant the content is compared to the search words, the quality of the store and the trust score. Relevance is about making sure you use the right words on your site, and our team of professional coders work full time on our cutting-edge e-commerce codebase. So you’re in a good place if you have done some keyword research and made sure your product titles and descriptions are up to date.

Google views trust as the quality and relevance of links online to your site. Not the quantity. The more you increase trust, the more traffic you’ll get.

If to build trust score you need quality relevant backlinks, you can try just straight up asking for a link from a site. These days that doesn’t work so often. But on blogs that cover topics relevant to your brand you can offer to write a guest post or series for the blogger.

You’ll be making their life easier – maintaining a great blog is hard work – and within your blog, or in the credit, you can link back to your store.

There are few things that can help you get better results from guest blogging.

1. A personal approach

You can do your research to get contact details for blogs all in one go, but it’s not a great idea to batch-spam your whole list. Work through one at a time. It might feel slower, but you will get a better response if your emails are personalised – show in the approach email that you’ve read a post or two and love their blog, that you write a bit of stuff yourself, would they be interested in you as a guest or ghost writer?

2. Relevant and quality post

The decision will be influenced by the quality of the blog. If it’s incredible, you can ask for all kinds of links and credits. If it’s trash, no matter how great your rapport or deal making skills, you won’t get published. So writing a great post, perhaps an a4 side sans-typo and grammar errors, with a great picture or two will do it. If you can cite a stat or fact in backing up your story it will make your content more professional.

3. Include the blog in your intro email.

If you are asking to be featured as a guest writer, copy the post in below your approach email footer and write in your email that you include it below. The blog owner will read this before replying, so if your piece is great it increases the chance they will say yes.

4. Make sure you get your link

You only need to squeeze one link in the body to get your SEO points. It might be that you are a brand that sells products for coffee drinkers. You can approach any blog owners that write about anything to do with coffee and offer a guest post about how coffee has changed your life. Towards the end of your story you can mention how it even inspired you to start a coffee t-shirt brand – those are the words you should link back to your store. Don’t make it an advert, just mention it naturally and make the words clickable.

5 .Volume of approaches.

Don’t just send one email and give up if you haven’t heard back. A study in the Harvard business review showed that the optimum number of times to approach a lead is 9. That means sales people make 9 attempts at least before moving on to the next opportunity. You might have to email and tweet blog owners many times before getting a response. And you might only get featured on 2% of them, so that means 50 approaches for every 1 link earned.

Doing one approach at a time gives you a chance to learn and improve iteratively, so you will get better over time – and these features can also raise your profile amongst whoever reads the blog leading to direct traffic. Guest blogging can be a great SEO and direct traffic strategy if you can get a link back to your site.

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