Multitasking entrepreneur (and awesome Mum) Sarah

Mum of 3 Sarah started a blog to talk about bringing up children. The blog quickly gained a huge readership and the call for merch was answered with a really clever idea – putting the quotes that got the biggest laughs in block slogan prints. Sarah recently took some time out of her busy schedule to tell us about her journey and how she’s building a successful online store whilst juggling her massive social media following, and of course, being a Mum.

Hey Sarah, what is The Unmumsy Mum and what motivated you to start the blog?

I started a parenting blog around a year after I had my first son, Henry (I’ve now got 3 boys!) when I was finding motherhood particularly tough. After searching online and struggling to find anything that really resonated with how I was feeling, I decided to write something of my own and pledged it would cover the good, the bad and the ugly of parenting. I started the Facebook page so I would have somewhere to share my blog posts.

Why did you decide to start selling merchandise and how did the idea for tees come about?

My Facebook page relies heavily on humour. This often comes not from me, but from the stories or pictures that other parents post to the page.

I decided to start with the themes that crop up all the time – tiredness (‘Team No Sleep’), mediating fights between children (‘Sibling Referee’) and the creative ways in which parents incentivise good behaviour (‘Stuff to Bribe the Kids With’).

I liked the idea of a clothing range that didn’t take itself too seriously.

What were your priorities when you started looking?

As a working mum of three, I knew I wouldn’t have time to deal with any of the fulfilment side of things myself.

I needed to find a company I was confident could take control of things on my behalf. I found the Teemill team and systems really helpful when I built my store.

One of the things that first attracted me to Teemill was the fact that a wide range of sustainability and social criteria had been assessed.

How did your supporters respond to the store?

There has been a lot of love for the ‘Stuff to Bribe the Kids With’ bag (our definite bestseller!) and generally a really good reaction to the items which have all been designed with the main aim of making people smile.

I’m a big fan of simple, slogan jumpers and tees so didn’t want anything too fussy.


That’s awesome. Anything else you’d like to share about your journey?

Getting started is so easy and I was so excited about having an online store of my own that I placed an order!

I’d strongly recommend signing up for Teemill – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I find it incredible whenever I get tagged in a social media post of somebody wearing something from the store!

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