Creating a buzz around Britain’s Bumblebees

Bumblebee populations are on the decline and the issue needs talking about urgently. We caught up with a bunch of folks leading the conversation to find positive, constructive solutions to prevent our pollinators perishing, part of which includes launching a rad range of campaign prints for Bee lovers and Bee defenders alike. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust  told us more about how their organic tees raise important funds and awareness for their incredible work, and how campaign tees helped bring their message to life visually.

Hey guys, such a great cause you guys are working for. What made you decide to set up a t-shirt shop?

It’s a great way to raise money for the Trust and helps us to continue carrying out our vital conservation work.

T-shirts are a fantastic way for our followers to be able to showcase their support for our Trust with the added benefit of raising awareness whilst they’re out and about.

As soon as we were up and running with Teemill, we started getting orders from supporters. We did a bulk order straight away for our staff uniform and now wear our ‘Saving the Sound of Summer’ tops with pride.

So why did you choose a certified organic supplier?

Teemill shares similar environmental values to ourselves and that is incredibly important for any partner.

Their mission to make clothing more sustainable and using only high quality organic cotton for their products means that as an environmental charity we can feel comfortable with the product we are promoting.

Rapanui are also a well-known brand. And seeing the excellent work that was already ongoing with other charities made it a no-brainer.

Amazing. What’s the most enjoyable part of designing your own t-shirts?

It’s got to be talking about potential new and exciting designs with a creative team of talented designers. They’re ready behind the scenes and help bring ideas to life

The support we’ve been given by the Teemill team is just fantastic. As a charity we don’t have huge amounts of resources for marketing, but you have made it as easy as possible .

And as well as being free, Teemill comes with everything we might need help with. Like answering our questions or thinking of ways to raise even more funds for the bumblebees. The blog, faq and newsletters are super helpful!

What has the reaction been from Bumblebee fans?

They love it! It’s so rewarding for us to see the photos on social media of people wearing our bumblebee t-shirts. Whether they are just out and about, are one of our brilliant volunteers, or even as part of the crew on a yacht named bumblebee cruising around the Mediterranean (yes, that’s a thing!). It makes us feel very proud to know that so many fellow bee-lovers are out there supporting the work we do – it’s a great feeling.

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