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To unlock the best Facebook ads features like follow-around remarketing, dynamic product ads and lookalike audiences, you need to connect your Facebook account so it knows who visited your Teemill store and what actions they took. This is done using the Facebook Pixel. In this blog we cover the simple, step by step process of enabling pixel on Teemill so you can launch some of the more effective and dynamic campaigns available to brands via Facebook Ads manager. It takes about 5 minutes.

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Pixel uses cookies to monitor user behaviour. The code to run it comes pre-installed with your Teemill store, all you have to do is connect it to your Facebook ads account. Most people are permanently logged in to Facebook on their device or have logged in before. When that user visits a Teemill store, the code on your store can tell what their Facebook profile ID is, and communicates back to Facebook to say “hey, this person went on this Teemill store”.

The permission to enable this is part of the Facebook end user terms that people agree to when they sign up to a Facebook account. Because Facebook know what websites folks have visited, it means advertisers like you can serve ads based on that data. For example, you can serve an ad to people who visited your site, but did not check out.

Pixel also can tell if somebody made a purchase, and what they purchased. So you could serve an ad to people who visited your site and checked out. Or, you can use data like “people who checked out” to build lookalike audiences: You could target people who are similar to people who visited your site and checked out. Pixel basically makes your advertising way more targeted and massively increases the potential for a profitable return.

Setting up Pixel is easy. You need to connect your Facebook advertising account to your Teemill store with the Pixel app in Teemill.

First, you need to find your pixel code snippet. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and navigate to the Pixels tab. Click Set Up Pixel > Manually Install the Code Yourself. Copy the code snippet.

If you’re having trouble finding your pixel code snippet in Facebook, check out this guide.

To install your pixel on your Teemill store, navigate to Apps > Facebook Tracking Pixel. Paste your code snippet into the box in the Teemill app. Click Save, and you’re done.

Now you can create new campaigns using Pixel data. You can now make ad campaigns in Facebook that do clever stuff. To get started, you could try a new campaign that serves ads to people who visited a product page and didn’t check out there and then by setting the objective to Catalogue Sales. Or target new customers similar to your existing ones with an lookalike ad set.

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