The 1 thing that gets everyone talking about your products

Engagement is all about getting people reading, liking, sharing and interacting with your content online. In this blog we look at the ways successful brand builders use social media to create awareness and deepen brand trust, whilst increasing the lifetime value of existing customers. Some of the campaigns using this tactic with Teemill have created explosive viral campaigns that are globally recognisable, enjoying the huge growth in sales that followed. If that sounds like something you’d like a slice of, read on – because really it’s down to one simple thing.

So the question is, how do we get more engagement online? One simple and easy way is just to ask for it. This might mean adding a question to you posts, asking your followers a question or for some feedback on the designs, or using polls on twitter. For us though, the strategy we are seeing the top Teemill stores use with amazing results is to ask for a selfie.

Store owners are asking customers to share a selfie wearing their tee, and to tag them or use a hastag.

Seeing people wearing and endorsing a product convinces other customers to get involved and buy from you too. Conversion rates can quickly snowball into double-digits with this kind of social proof.

Selfies in the comments of the original post make that post more powerful, and when your customer shares the image, social media algorithms recognise that this is something your customer likes, and that similar people – their friends – might also like it too. So the post will often then appear organically in their friend’s feeds. This is an important point: It leads to your content being introduced to customers with a similar social profile to people who have already purchased, and as they are similar, they are likely to check out even before they see that their friend has already purchased and is stoked with their order.

This can create a virtuos circle and when you add a little momentum with a paid advertising boost, campaigns can quickly go viral. This is the technique we used advertising the Choose Love t-shirt campaign which sold tens of thousands of units and raised over £100’000 for @helprefugees.

Share a #selfie

When advertising we only get to a fraction of people and only a fraction of those open the email or read the post online. But orders have a 100% open rate and everyone reads the hand written note that you can set up in the Teemill custom packaging app. That’s a great place to ask for a selfie. Sometimes it helps to create a catchy hashtag for your brand, e.g. ‘Hope you love it! Share a pic online with #wearmybrand.’

You could also send a newsletter to all of the people in your database that have previously bought encouraging them to post a picture of them wearing the product to your socials, or host a simple comp on social media, that people enter by sharing a pic of themselves wearing your products.

The message is this – you can boost engagement by getting your customers to share their pictures, and you don’t need to offer anything – just ask people to do it and they will.

What to do with the content

Once your customers begin sharing their selfies, make maximum use of this free content – thank your customer – and make sure you retweeting them all and re-sharing them to your timeline so that people can see the pictures.

If you ask your customer’s permission, you could build them into montages for your site, social media profile, newsletters and ads, and reuse the content time and time again.

After a while, the hashtag might begin to build and then customers might feel like they are part of something. That feeling of allegiance and inclusion is how great brands keep customers coming back time and again. o when you come around to promoting your next new product or design, it’s the engagement you’ve to build that will help it get off to a great start and the selfies of your customers that can provide the social proof that helps your brand snowball and capture the imagination of new customers. It helps if your brand is doing something good, or backs a positive cause that people are passionate about.

So we know engagement can be a really exciting way to create a snowball of awareness. And to get more engagement, all you have to do is ask for it.

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