How to make the most of free shipping promotions

Freepost is a time when sales on your store will be strongest, as long as people are aware your products exist and your offer is on. We took at a look at what the top stores are doing to make the most of the free shipping promotions and we turned their tactics into a checklist. In this video, we share the secrets for making a success of free shipping weekends.

A happy Teemiller going through his checklist to make sure he's making the most out of free post weekend

First up, customers love new things. Offering your customers a promotion is good but offering them a promotion on a brand new product is even better. Make sure your store is looking fresh and you have added something new and exciting to your store since the last offer. It might be as simple as adding a new design, or an existing bestselling design to a different product, just remember to add the word new to catch the customer’s attention.

Next up think about merchandising with some quickfire questions off our checklist:

  • Are the best products on your homepage?
  • Are the homepage banners the best most amazing photography you have got?
  • Are your category banners the next best, most original content you’ve got?
  • Are your collections simple, and packed with a variety of products?
  • Is there a mix of colours and styles in your store?
  • Do all your products have really amazing original product descriptions?

Social media is a perfect tool for letting people know about your products and offers. Most people use it in today’s world, it’s easy and free.

Break your communications down into three parts: the beginning, during and last chance.

Tell people when the offer is on, remind them that it is on, and alert them that it’s their last chance to get the offer when it’s about to end. You can post in real time, or use a scheduler. It helps to think of social media as if only 1 in 10 posts is being seen by your customers. Aim big and make sure you are heard among all the noise.

Lastly, consider a boost or an ad campaign. The Free Shipping offers on Teemill like this are sponsored by us, so you earn the same profit. We see stores getting the best results from publishing a post on a Friday to let their followers know the offer has started, then hitting the ‘boost post’ button. If you’re first starting out with ads, then it’s really important to make sure your store is looking it’s best. We’ve published a checklist which you can use to make sure your store is set up for success.

Use these fast tips to take your promotion to the next level when the next free shipping promotion is on.

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