How to monetise your social media following

There’s a growing number of people in the world making a living – often a very good one – from their followers on social media. But for every story of a massively wealthy Instagrammer or Youtuber, there are millions of failed attempts at making money from a social media account – even in cases where a large number of followers exist. So it can be done, but how? We spoke to the social media accounts with successful Teemill stores to understand what makes the difference. How do you get sales from your socials?

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Often the focus is so much on building more and more followers for the account that the most important part – actually being rewarded for that amazing following with cash in the bank, is overlooked. And when you think about it, apart from the top handful of accounts who have the pick of endorsement deals and perks, it can be hard to see exactly how you can make a steady, sustainable profit beyond ad clicks, which we all know our fans don’t like. That’s where Teemill comes in – a simple, super profitable merch plugin designed to help you monetise your social media following.

Teemill partners with social media influencers or accounts with huge followings to provide their fans with merch and the account owners with a steady stream of profit. The biggest accounts we work with all earn enough to easily go full time.

The trick, really, is the combination of our cutting-edge, mobile-friendly e-commerce and print-on-demand technology that is UK based and prints merch in real time for next day delivery direct to customer, and our in-house designer’s ability to create really cool merch and custom stores that get the branding to look and feel awesome.

Teemill stores are totally free.

If you have a growing following of under 50’000 fans, you can build a store, add your designs and start selling merch right now. If you’re established already and have 50’000 quality fans or more, you can get in touch and we might contribute some design work or help sponsor your promotions too.

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Either way, the system is really simple: Whilst your own store is branded so that it looks just the way you want it, when you get an order there’s an automatic connection to our print-on-demand factory in the UK where we print in real time and ship orders direct to your customer with your branding.

We send you the profits, you don’t have to do anything.

One of the coolest parts of creating your own merch store is that your fans will often tweet selfies, which creates awesome content for your channel and can create viral reach.

We even have some cool plugins for Teemill, where you can connect up your social media accounts to update your store content automatically, and visa versa, plus some specialist plugins like our product design studio where your fans can customise their merch on your store – or you can run product design comps for your fans.

If all this sounds awesome, it’s because it is – and you’d be joining thousands of other professional social media content producers earning money online from creating amazing content for their fans. You can sign up now and start making a store today at

*if your following is very very large and you would like help designing, building and promoting your merch store, signup at and be sure to add your @handle – we’ll see it and contact you.


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