How to write incredible product descriptions

Great designs and photography get customers to click, but the¬†product description is probably the most undervalued part of building online stores. People actually read this stuff, normally right before they click buy now, so the words on your website will work for you if they’re great, or sabotage all that work if they suck. In this blog, we share the techniques that professional copywriters use so that you can effortlessly create engaging text. With 5 minutes reading, you’ll be ready to write great content that takes your sales to the next level.

A man taking down notes, writing a legendary product description

It is one of the least talked about topics. Behind every brand, there is a writer, or a team of writers, that create the copy – or words – that customers read. The words describe the product, bring out its features and benefits and the best brands tell a story that puts the product in a place in the reader’s life, so they just have to have it.

A writer will talk about the perfect offshore surf that you can shred – when selling a surfboard. They will write about the feeling of winning – when selling football boots. Writers inspire us and create feelings that lead to action, the action of pressing that “buy now” button

When people buy a product they are often buying it because it will make them feel good or because they believe in or relate to the message or story behind the product. This needs to be expressed in the product description. Writing great quality product descriptions is not talked about a lot perhaps because it is a bit hard to type and come up with this stuff. But it is worth it. We see double-digit differences in conversion rates when we perform tests and change where it appears on the product page, let alone remove it.

Once you have written a few incredible sentences that really capture and inspire your audience, you can use this stuff in other places like for newsletters or social media posts. A great paragraph is an asset.

We’ve talked about how important great words on your website are and there are some easy to use tricks to help you take your store descriptions to the next level. We’re going to list a few little hacks that we use here when we’re writing pretty much anything for the web, that help us improve the quality of our stuff.

Start with bullet points

Before you start writing it’s a good idea to think about what you actually want to say. It’s hard to write fluid sentences, be mindful of the grammar and spelling, whilst also remembering what points you want to make. Starting with bullet points helps you work out what you want to say and then you can fill in the gaps, turning those points into sentences. You could start with something like this.

A teemiller deep in thought - thinking about what to write for his brand new product

Use the delete key

If you start in the right frame of mind it helps, and that frame of mind is to be cool about the fact that most of the stuff you are about to write will suck. Talking to store owners about this issue, we find that many are stuck coming up with the words to put down. When we train people in our marketing team, we teach them to start writing and to use the delete key as much as they type. It teaches them that there is no consequence to writing a sentence that sucks, you just delete it and write another one, testing out how each one feels as you go.

If you think about it, it’s mad to think that in great writers, the words are already there and they just have to come out and on bad days they get out of bed with writer’s block. Great writers are like everyone, they learn as they go, iteratively going over sentences deleting bits that suck time and time again until what’s left on the page is great

So it follows that the first stuff you’re going to write is going to suck and that you’re going to delete most of what you write most of the time. With that approach, what is left will be good stuff.

Turbocharge your vocabulary

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words that really get across your enthusiasm for the product. Building a word cloud with words that really sound great and on-brand can help you sprinkle in some gold dust, or unlock that missing sentence when you’re stuck.

Words like “New” “awesome” “amazing” can add energy, whereas “care” “passionate” “support” might unlock a bit of extra stuff if you’re writing for a charity fundraiser tee, or “on trend” “look” “shape” “contrast” “impact” might be words that you sprinkle on your streetwear brand’s store.

You can invest a little time looking at some brands that inspire you and reading their product descriptions and seeing if any specific words really add the extra flavour – you could use similar vocabulary too.

Shorter sentences

Writing shorter sentences is a really good idea. Sentences that go on too long and don’t use any punctuation can really take ages to digest and when you get to the end you can’t really follow the story as you can’t remember what was the point at the start and also makes your site sound unprofessional so don’t make sentences too long. Short ones are best. If in doubt, use a full stop. It can make your words instantly feel professional.

An image of a keyboard

Delete the first and last sentence

So what else can you do to improve your writing as well as that? Quite often it takes a sentence to get going. At the same time, it can be sort of hard to wrap up and finish the paragraph. A cool writing hack is to look at what you feel is a good paragraph, and ask yourself what would happen if you deleted the first and last sentence? If you read just the middle bit back and it feels more punchy and solid, get rid of them. So that’s how to write better stuff, just get rid of them and you’re good.

Lay terms

Exemplify the antithesis of over-complicated language – in other words, use simple words. Some words like luxurious might be better left at soft. A great product is a great product, an exemplary garment sounds a bit weird. Using everyday words make your brand more accessible and relatable to the public.

Using simple terms to describe your product is a good SEO strategy. When people are searching for stuff on the internet they use simple searches like “bird t-shirt” rather than “ornithological garment”. High quality, accurate descriptions are essential if you want to be first on Google.

If you go ahead and get started, you will find that after a while some sentences really strike you as being good.

There’s a strategy that great writers have too when they come out with something that’s solid: They keep it and recycle it.

One of the most effective tricks is to develop some catch phrases or talking points that are on-brand, which you can refer back to time and time again. You’ll see the politicians doing it because it helps them say the right thing and relate everything they’re saying back to some well-rehearsed lines that are guaranteed to be well received. You can do this when you’re writing, and whilst it’s a really bad idea to copy and paste descriptions wholesale (customers, and Google, will not like that…) having a few catch phrases up your sleeve helps bring sentences to a conclusion, or add a little bit of body to a paragraph.

So there we have it, our top tips for writing amazing product descriptions. Investing time in writing well will engage your customers, increase your conversion rate, provide helpful copy-and-paste paragraphs for that newsletter, advert or social post and help take your store to the next level. And remember, on your journey to game-changing growth won through words … chcek yuor spellning!

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