How we use your feedback

At Teemill we are constantly investing in new features, products and technologies to help you build your brand online. Your feedback and suggestions are an important part of this process. In this blog, you can find out how to share your ideas with our development team and see what happens after you submit an idea.

Feedback is critical to designing new products. Our customers expect us to move fast and love having the latest in technology and features to use on their store. That means our environment at this end is innovative, curious and fast-paced. We rely on our customers to talk to us for a few different reasons. First, it helps to know what you want for your store. It might seem rude to demand features on a free product but guys, it really helps to know what you want to see us do better. If we know everyone wants one feature, it is next in the list, full stop. Secondly, we have a really solid process for creating products and features but there is nothing like customer feedback for finding out the little tweaks that we could make. If the button is in an annoying place, a certain combination of actions causes a bug or if there’s an easier way of doing something that you’ve thought of, please let us know.

When you submit a feedback item it is read by over a dozen people our end who are subscribed to the feed. We read every one, and discuss what we can do about the issues and suggestions.

So your feedback is actually read and actioned. We get so much that we cannot reply to them most times but we are listening – quite often you might read in the next newsletter that we’ve launched a feature or updated a page, and it’s likely that it came from your feedback. Essentially, you have a development team available at the click of a button – the way we see it, we work for you. So please use liberally. It’s best, for our workflow, to submit one issue at a time. If you’ve got six ideas six tickets is cool, you will not possibly be able to annoy us, promise!

Fast bugs we fix real time, and bigger projects we tally up. We tend to focus on building things people need rather than what would be nice.

And lastly, even though it’s a bit weird, meet Miller – in the photo. Miller sits in every Teemill meet and represents you, our customer. We keep Miller around so that we are constantly reminded that we should seek the views of Teemill store owners and ensure they have a say in everything we decide. So if you want to see something on Teemill, a feature, a bug fix or something that you think would be amazing if we could do it better, use the feedback tool and ask for it.

We read every one.

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