Your Masterplan: Important dates for Christmas

Christmas is the one big window in the eCommerce calendar where a brand can be made overnight, or be feeling like they missed the boat. We’ve organised the most important milestones coming up over the next 5 weeks so you can add them to your Christmas marketing plan. There are some sponsored Christmas promotions included, so all you need to do is focus on getting the word out there to your sellers. And in the next newsletter, we’ll reveal the first of a few tools that will make it even easier to promote your stuff. For now, here’s the outline of the lead up to Christmas.

General Guidance

The next four weeks represents the best opportunity for a year to make money on Teemill. Our data shows conversion rates across stores 5-10 times higher during the period from the 26th of November to the 22nd of December. We strongly recommend massively raising the frequency of posting, promotion and marketing activity during this time. For example on brands that we manage, we will have daily newsletters and multiple social posts per day, most of them boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram. Use this as a benchmark – now is the time to turbocharge your Teemill efforts.

Last free shipping dates

How Promos Work

The promotions we will be running over the Christmas period are available for all Teemill stores. We will confirm the start and end date in a newsletter in the run-up to the promo. Teemill sponsors all of the promotions so they won’t reduce your profits.

  • Free Socks Promotions: When ordering through your Teemill store, if the total is £15 or over, your customers can enter the code socky in the cart and a free pair of socks will be automatically added to their cart (styles and colours will vary).
  • Free Shipping Weekends: When your customer orders through your store the free shipping option will appear automatically when they reach shipping method. Your customers don’t need to enter a code. Over the next couple of weeks we’re running UK freeposts, so all customers who enter a UK shipping address will see the freepost option in the cart.

2017 Christmas Timeline

Promo: Black Friday – Cyber Monday 24th – 27th  November

If you want to promote your store over Black Friday, it’s up to you – we will be running a free socks promo. Last year the Christmas drive began on the 24th November, so this is the time to step up the game and post more. The free socks promo will start on Friday 24th 9:00 am and end on Cyber Monday (27th) at midnight. Your customers will need to enter the code socky in the cart for a free pair of bamboo socks.

Framing free socks weekends as “the perfect extra stocking filler this Christmas” usually gives good results.

This is usually a very popular promo and is perfect for boosting sales before the end of the month. Make sure your posts look awesome and you’ll see the rewards. The example below is how Nocturnal Creature do their socks promo.

Free Socks Promo

Promo: Free UK Shipping Weekend 1st – 3rd December

The first weekend of the month lines up with payday, so we’re running a festive freepost. Make sure to schedule loads of posts over this weekend, reminding your customers the offer is on. We recommend posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Scheduling posts now will free up time closer to Christmas, letting you explore new strategies like using Facebook ads to find new customers.

This is one of the biggest promotions in the calendar, so post until you drop.

Notice: Last post to Rest of World 6th December

Make sure to communicate this date to customers outside UK and EU who want to receive their order before Christmas. This should give the best chance of getting their orders in time, and it gives you another story to post about. Remember a day early is always better than a day late, so you may want to post this message on the 5th.

Promo: Free Socks 9th – 10th December

Another great opportunity to market the ‘extra stocking filler’ as the calendar rolls closer to Christmas.

Posting when the offer has started, while it is running and before it ends.

Our bamboo socks are super comfy and come in a range of wacky and plain styles, and are perfect for gifting.

Notice: Last post to EU 13th December

If you have customers in the EU, our courier won’t be able to guarantee delivery before Christmas on orders dispatched after the 13th.

In your comms, a day early is always better than a day late.

Give them the best chance of receiving it before Christmas by telling them to place their orders on the 12th.

Notice: Last UK Shipping Dates
  • UK Standard: 18th December
  • UK 1st Class: 20th December
  • UK Special Delivery: 21st December

These are the most important to get right, make sure you schedule posts on these days to ensure your customers get their orders in time. If a customer does not get their order in time, then this may result in refunds, so make sure to get the word out about these last shipping dates.

Promo: Free UK Shipping Weekend 15th – 17th December

We will be running a Free UK 1st Class shipping weekend from the 15th to the 17th December, to make sure your customers get their orders in time Christmas. This is one of your last chances to squeeze every drop out of the Christmas buzz, so post post post, and don’t let this offer slip off the radar. Free UK 1st Class on orders over £50.

Promo: Free Shipping 26th – 2nd Jan

One of the busiest days for online retail is boxing day. That’s a great time to put your feet up and spend time with the family, but your Teemill store should still be working for you. Schedule loads of posts during this period and take advantage of the Boxing day offer that goes all the way through to the end of the month.

That’s the Christmas timeline. Add it to your calendars, sheets, walls, fridges, toilet doors, eyelids, whatever works best for you. If you start now to prepare and schedule your post, you’ll free up time for new strategies that are potentially more powerful but require more careful thought, like using boosted posts or Facebook ads to reach new customers.





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