Introduction to Advertising (5 ad types that work)

Advertising is the main source of sales for most online brands, so sooner or later, the option will appear on your radar if you’re serious about generating some growth and revenue. At the same time, it’s a direct expense and before you start you probably want to learn a bit more so you get it right first time. In this blog, we cover five starting points that work for other brand builders who have made it and learn more about the ads they started out with.

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At Teemill we really want to see you do well, so make sure before advertising you have followed our pre-ad checklist and read our conversion optimisation blog before placing your ads. These simple steps will improve your chances of getting a good return on investment.

If you’ve done that, here are some of the ad types that we are seeing work well for store owners who are using Teemill technology professionally to run their own brands.

1. Boost

Boosting a post on Facebook is an easy and fast way to test out advertising. Start with your best recent post that features a product and a call to action. If you haven’t got a product post that’s got a great photo, description and links across to your store, create one and boost that.

Pressing the boost button means your post will appear in a priority position in the news feeds of whoever you choose to target in the drop down.

We recommend studying the targeting closely – don’t target folks who are less likely to checkout, and boost your ad at a time when lots of people will be online like the evening or weekend.

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2. Dynamic Product Ads (remarketing)

Teemill comes with the ability to connect up the Facebook tracking pixel. This is a nifty little bit of copy and paste code that Facebook provides. You get it when you set up your Facebook advertising account.

Facebook Pixel allows you to track how much money you make from your ads. It also lets you show ads to people who have visited your store on their Facebook feeds automatically.

Tracking your ROI is essential to make sure you are seeing a return on investment that meets your affordability goals. And by enabling remarketing ads your customers see after visiting your site (known as Facebook “DPA” or dynamic product ads) you can tap into what is probably the most profitable form of advertising you can do at an entry level. Setting up Pixel and starting DPAs is easy as your Teemill store comes with the code written, and a simple app to connect your pixel id with your store.

Learn more about how to setup Pixel on your store

3. Lookalike Ads

Lookalike datasets are generated by Facebook in the adverts manager using data gathered from your Pixel. When someone visits your site, Facebook knows lots about their demographic information like their age, location and interests and previous purchase history, plus the sites the like or have visited. Facebook can then give you a dataset of new customers that match this demographic information closely but have never heard of you. This is a super powerful way to reach new customers.

Learn more about Lookalike ads

4. Google Text Search

As a search engine, Google lacks the social and demographic targeting of Facebook but it has the advantage that people using the service are looking for something specific. If you have that something, it might take only a simple introduction before you have got a sale. It’s a good idea to work on your SEO first, and not just because it’s free.

SEO forces you to think about the specific words that people might use to describe your products. This keyphrase list can then be used for pay per click advertising and you can bid to have your text ad show up at the top of the Google search results page.

You will get a lot of views on your ads with Google search but you only want clicks that are going to turn into sales. So we try to exclude lots of people who are less likely to check out. Include the price in the ad, use only exact match search terms and pay only per click not per view.

Learn more about Google Adwords

5. Interest-based / Demographic

For all but a few brands, there are more people who have never heard of you than those that have. This represents an amazing opportunity as in all of those billions of people, there are many that would love what you’re doing. The challenge is finding them.

A billboard or ad in the paper gets seen by everyone including some people that match your target demographic. Online ads can be set up to be seen only by your target demographic.

The ability to target people online is the biggest advantage of online marketing over any other type of paid advertising. And there are loads of different ways to target people, from interests and hobbies, age, geographic location, friends and social connections or recent behaviour. One of the most exciting forms of targeting is the lookalike audience tool. Facebook can take a customer dataset and use it to find customers with similar attributes. Using this method, you can massively increase the number of people that see your brand content, which can lead to big changes in awareness and follow-on sales.

Learn more about targeting new customers.

Get started

Our recommendation is to complete the pre ad checklist and then try a few boosted posts whilst tweaking the targeting. You could also set up a Facebook DPA remarketing campaign. Use your analytics suite and ad ROI analytics in Facebook and Google to monitor your results carefully. Work on improving your store and your ads iteratively over time and optimise as you go to turn what you learn into profitable long-term results over time.

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