John’s Sail and Hunter journey

Sail and Hunter is the brand worth talking about. John is the man behind the brand and aims for his products to be one of the best clothing brands out there. The designs capture the raw flavor of a classic look. Join us as we catch up with John about his ambitions for his mammoth brand, the smooth sailing as well as the rough tides.

Tell us a little more about what you guys do, a bit about how this is relevant in the world today and what drives you to create killer products?

I wanted to create a fashion brand that was timeless, a classic, trend forward, a future staple piece that wouldn’t become outdated or age restricted. I hope one day my brand will become recognizable all over Britain. As my slogan states ’Beach, City, Everywhere. I’d like for people to become familiar with the brand, and logo especially, Sail & Hunter is a name that you’ll easily remember, a name that stemmed from one’s leisure time to a stag & ship logo

“I hope one day my brand will become recognizable all over Britain, as my slogan states ‘Beach. City. Everywhere’.” – John Wharff – quote from Sleaford Standard.

Why did you decide to create a store, what motivated you to start?

At a young age, I was very passionate about the latest fashion and current trends at that time. I became my sisters’ personal assistant whilst guiding her to choose the correct pair of jeans or top, she knew I had a keen eye for the latest fashion.

A modern lifestyle, image-conscious, taking pride in our appearance and the need to express ourselves to the world has influenced the creation of Sail & Hunter Apparel.

Why did you decide to use Teemill over the others?

I stumbled across TeeMill on a Facebook Ad. Originally, Sail & Hunter was managed by another company but the whole process felt confusing for start to finish and for it to become workable I needed available funds which I didn’t have so I decided to end my time with the company and that’s when TeeMill appeared out of the blue.

A powerful image, showing the beauty of the sea, alongside the logo of the brand

What is your plan for marketing, any specific strategies or tactics you’re trying?

Having 5 years of experience in social media and blogging, working with many public relation companies has allowed me to learn, gain knowledge and developing expert skills in promoting a business. To get anywhere in business you have to do it yourself so I contacted my local paper Sleaford Standard and they were delighted by the surprised email and happily featured myself and Sail & Hunter Apparel in the newspaper (more press to come!).

“I wanted to create a fashion brand that was timeless, a classic, trend forward, a future staple piece that wouldn’t become outdated or age restricted.” – John Wharff – LincolnshireLive

What advice would you give to other store owners looking to do the same and what are the plans for the future?

My advice would be to not take the business too seriously, enjoy the creativity and ability to spread your content on social media.

The fun side should last a lifetime while your business mind should never overtake the enjoyment and fun part of the business.

I have new and exciting logo designs coming up that offer a simpler style of attracting a new wave of an audience and potential customers. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Anna Brown, the illustrator behind Sail & Hunter Apparel and I couldn’t be any happier with the creations we’ve made together.

Sail and Hunter is a killer brand taking the UK one tee at a time. It’s clear to see the devotion and ace designs and why the brand is growing. Keep on bringing out the sick designs John!

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