The hottest startup in Finland, meet Esa

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, brands can reach like minded customers from countries anywhere online. In this blog we talked to a brand that made it with international sales as standard. Esa, the founder of Lunki, spoke to us from Helsinki about his journey and how he runs his brand that ships to countries all over the EU and beyond.

Esa, great to catch up. What motivated you to start the brand?

I came to a point in my life where I started to think what I really want to do. I wrote down my dreams, what gifts I have and what I love to do. Then I decided to just do something. I took the risk and started to follow my dreams. That’s how my brand Lunki started.

What was the hardest thing about starting a brand?

I didn’t have any clue how to start a clothing business. I think the hardest thing was that I had to find a way to start a brand without money.

I wanted to design clothes which have a lower impact on the environment and the people who made them.

I found Teemill on the internet and that was an answer to my questions.

What advice would you give to people when they first start?

I would say that it takes time to build a brand. If you love what you do then you will succeed. Tell your story, be patient and be persistent.

What is the most enjoyable part of the process?

You can design something beautiful. It’s amazing to see all your hard creative work being expressed by other people. It’s really motivating.

With the Teemill factory being based in the UK, how do you find running your brand in Finland?

It has been very easy, simple and straightforward. Shipping to Finland from the UK works very well. Payment systems, reports etc works flawlessly.

What methods did you use to get your first sales?

Using my friend network was one of the easiest ways to first get the word out about the brand. They were really happy to support me, they bought t-shirts, followed me on social media, posted selfies, started hashtags. All I had to do was re-post their images and the ball was rolling.

That’s a great piece of advice. What was the biggest advantage to using Teemill?

We love the fact Teemill products are made with lower impact materials like certified organic cotton, it’s really important for our brand values. It’s also a massive pressure lifted from our shoulders knowing we don’t have to worry about stock, shipping and returns.

Thanks for telling us your story Esa. What’s it like knowing there are hundreds of people out there wearing your designs?

It’s pretty awesome. It gives me inspiration and strength to go forward and to keep on promoting and building my brand.

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