Calendar Skills: Take advantage of special occasions

Special dates throughout the year give you a great excuse to increase the visibility and awareness of your brand. It might seem obvious what to do on special occasions, but the pros make some subtle tweaks to their stores and campaigns that you might not have thought of, helping boost the results they get across the calendar. Check out the insights and get prepared for the next special occasion with this 3 minute read.

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Special occasions are all about gifts, so when you’re designing your product you don’t need to do a specific design for the day. It’s best to forget the product for a minute and focus on the buyer. Think about who is buying the gift, and for who, and what they might be feeling.

You don’t need a gift with love hearts on it for Valentine’s day. But a collection of your bestsellers, sorted by price, labelled “gift ideas” would really help people find something for their partner faster – and grouping them together might help inspire the buyer with gift ideas.

The art of marketing for special occasions is in framing the product as a gift suitable for the occasion, merchandising your store so that the surrounding category and collection and words qualify the products as suitable for the occasion. Dad would love a t-shirt or a warm jumper for Father’s day. Mum might be more interested in a tote shopper bag for Mother’s day.

Then you can target people with ads or social posts that use emotive language to explain how they can get the perfect gift for the occasion on your store.


Once you have a product – or a collection of products that you think are suitable, think about who would be buying the product. You want to start your marketing way out ahead because mail order products take a little time to arrive and consumers won’t feel comfortable leaving it to the last minute. So two weeks ahead at least is when you want to start talking about it – Christmas, perhaps more like two months.

Target the likely buyer. If you’re building ads, think about who might be giving the gift and target them.

Preparing your store is important too. Think of your store like a shop window. On special occasions, great shopkeepers will refresh the look and feel of their stores with a theme, for example, red and love hearts on and around Valentines day. The best way to do this is with your banners on the homepage and in your categories.

Using homepage banners is a great way to temporarily theme your store for a special occasion without doing very much work at all.

Teemill has inbuilt tools and apps that help with marketing and content creation for special dates. Getting the message out there on all social media channel is important.

Rule of 7: The marketing rule of seven says that customers will need to see seven pieces of marketing before committing to a purchase on average.

A day early is better than a day late

Remember, gift buyers will be anxious about their gifts arriving late. This means that we must be out ahead. Whilst Teemill orders are shipped the same day, many people will be shopping online weeks in advance of the event.

Supermarkets put Easter Eggs in stores in February for a reason: Don’t be afraid to remind your customers an event is coming up. On the day is too late for e-commerce.

We will remind you through email and in the Teemill dashboard if we think it’s time to start marketing for an event. The last thing to do is to create your posts, build some amazing banners and schedule your content on social media. And remember the marketing rule of seven – The more marketing, the better!

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