Launch time! The 5 item checklist for even better results

You’re ready to go – you’ve designed some shirts, built a store and are ready to take the first steps towards building an amazing brand online. In this blog we look at the 5 things that every top Teemiller did right at the start that set them up for success.

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Firstly, it’s all about awareness. The reason why people shop elsewhere instead of buying your products is not that there is some other magic trick that big businesses have.

The top reason people won’t shop at your store will be because they don’t know about it. The goal is simple: We need to make people aware of your products, and often.

This blog contains the first key ingredients to make sure that those customers don’t have any obstacles on their journey to your checkout.

Add to Twitter

Make sure you add your URL to all the places your fans interact with you.

The most common reason your customers will not buy your product is because they don’t know it exists, or they can’t find it.

Make sure you set your Teemill shop as your primary URL in your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram profile – and create a banner for these profiles that advertise your shop’s location.

Post regularly… MORE regularly!

The most financially successful Teemill users regularly post great images and amazing descriptions of their products. You might want to invest in some samples and get a shoot together so that you have some content to share with your audience. At Rapanui, we realised that the quality of our photography is directly linked to the volume of sales, and every month we do a shoot.

The best way to increase the volume of your posts is to think of some good post ideas, then sit down and schedule loads of them at once. If you link your accounts for automated syncing, it’ll all happen automatically. Be brave and post a lot, over a long period of time – the marketing rule of 7 shows it works.

If you have a main site, then link it in fully

If you have a separate website, this means adding a link to your store in the menu, as well as large clear banners. Teemill has a blog, Instagram gallery, page publishing and loads of plugins for major web services like YouTube, SoundCloud and WordPress. Plus, the hosting is free. Consider changing to use Teemill as your main website to increase revenue and reduce cost.

Get some features, and keep pushing

One of the most powerful ways to help your brand break through and beyond the immediate circle of followers is to get some editorial features. If you’ve got a great story, write a press release and send it to journalists. You’ll reach new customers and build your SEO score.

Build your Database

Once you’re ready to launch, make sure you ask people to share your post. You might encourage them to sign up to your marketing database. Building an email database is like nurturing a plant. It takes a long time and is a delicate process. You must keep your database alive by regularly sending great photos and written content, and keep building new signups. It pays off in the long run, as you will be able to rely on your database for regular income and word-of-mouth growth.


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