The Marketing Rule of 7

The marketing rule of 7 is one of the oldest lessons in marketing. It’s stuck around because it works. Ever heard of Coca Cola? Their entire marketing strategy is basically the rule of 7. It’s an important lesson for marketers to remember.

The marketing rule of Seven frames all other marketing efforts – if you’re thinking of flyers, Facebook, cost per click, email marketing, word of mouth, SEO, or even a few giveaways, you might need all 7 of them…

The marketing rule of seven says that customers will need to see seven pieces of marketing before committing to a purchase on average.

Too often first time marketers are too scarce with their communication, fearful of overburdening their customers with too many ads, stories or pitches. One a week, for example, is often considered pushing it.

Meanwhile, the average person sees a Coca Cola advert or logo more than 7 times per day in the UK. The word coca cola is the second most recognisable word in the world, after okay.

The most common reason people don’t buy your products is that they don’t know about them. Yet.

So if you want your brand to be huge, take your foot off the brake and pump that accelerator: Get some quality writing and amazing photography together and start marketing: Publish your content, stories, posts, newsletters, tweets, posts, photos out there, 7 times a week: Minimum!



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