10 prints that take white tees to the next level

Printing on white tees makes full-colour designs pop, gives the best profitability for brand owners and is super easy to design for. Scroll down and get your daily dose of inspiration from a selection of 10 rad prints on Teemill!

Kate Moss wearing the famous Peace and Love T-shirt

10. Peace and Love T-shirt by War Child UK

This Love and Peace print designed by the incredible Bella Freud for the #WearItForWarChild campaign is one of the bestselling tees on Teemill right now. We love the positive, happy vibes and chunky text. And yes, that is Kate Moss styling the t-shirt. Awesome.



An image capturing the effects of what plastic does to the sea by MCS.

9. Save Our Seas Plastic T-shirt by MCS

We can’t get enough of the Marine Conservation Society collection. This print stamps the plastic pollution message home. It’s a great example of using big bold prints to give colour to a white product.



A t-shirt standing up against the killing of Sharks.

8. Shark Tournaments T-shirt by Blue Planet Society

The Shark Tournaments print by the Blue Plant Society is a brilliant example of statement tees that cleverly subvert iconic images for impact. It’s neat, smart and totally wearable.



A t-shirt broadcasting a message of standing up against Whale hunting, showing a tail in blood coloured waters.

7. Stop Bloody Whaling by WDC

This eye-catching Stop Bloody Whaling white tee by Whale and Dolphin Conservation aims to Stop Bloody Whaling. We love the half pop art, half block print and the messy splashes of red.



Zero Dechet T-shirt by Eco Boost

6. Zéro Déchet T-shirt by Eco Boost

A bold design catches the eye, but this subtle design by Eco Boost keeps it. Kooky pocket prints with a European feel work great when mixed with clever styling, like these shots with rolled up tees.



The earth surrounded by colourful leaves to support growing trees.

5. Classic T-shirt by Ecosia

This amazing print captures the tree-loving world of eco-friendly search engine Ecosia. Designs that are circular always suit brands with a natural theme. The colour palette makes this one really stand out.



A vintage styled design, looking timeless.

4. Red/Blue Stamp T-shirt by #WeAreAllWindrush

The #WeAreAllWindrush print is super intricate and the team took advantage of white tees to achieve the subtle colours they needed for this vintage block-print style.



The iconic Thunderbirds shown on a simple white tee.

3. Thunderbirds Comic T-shirt by Square Eyes

This Thunderbirds Comic T-shirt is so packed with gradients and subtle colours from the nostalgia that only a white tee would create the perfect backdrop it deserves. Capturing the Thunderbirds in action and on a profit-boosting product too.



A rather messy but rad looking design of a skull and slogan, supporting doctors.

2. Vivienne Westwood T-shirt by Wear Your NHS

This design by the legendary Vivienne Westwood aims to support NHS staff facing issues on many fronts. The skull constantly takes us by surprise using a minimalistic line art style.



Three lines displayed beneath the text, which reads tree lines.

1. Three Lines Jersey by USA Soccer Guy

This design from USA Soccer Guy is so ace. We love the clever play on words printed on a white tee giving a fun look. As one of the more popular designs on Teemill simple is definitely more.



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