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Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users and as we all know stores hundreds of data points on each user. For brands with a great product looking to discover new customers, lookalike campaigns have massive potential. In this blog we look at how to use the free Facebook tools to analyse your own visitors or customers and deliver targeted ads to people who match your existing customers, but haven’t yet heard of your brand.

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When you are targeting new customers on Facebook, you choose demographic parameters that you think accurately represent your target customer. The benefit of an automatically generated lookalike dataset is that it represents what Facebook knows is similar your target customer. It’s more qualified than speculative.

If we could know who buys our stuff, how old they are, where they are from, who their friends are, what other stuff they are interested in it might actually surprise us – or be incredibly complex and difficult to define. Facebook’s tools take the work away.

Getting started

Make sure you’ve set up your Facebook Pixel on your Teemill store. Within the Facebook Ads Manager, navigate to “audiences” and click Create Audience > Custom Audience > Website Traffic and select Purchased in the last 180 days. The people who have visited the receipt page are automatically put in this list by Pixel. This is called seed data, and it is used to generate the lookalike audience.

If you haven’t had loads of sales yet, you can use other events like AddToCart or even ViewContent events – If you select these, they will work as we have programmed the event tags into Teemill ready for you.

With lookalikes you will get out what you put in, so orders and add to cart event listeners will get better lookalike datasets than using people who just viewed your site as seed data, but folks who have added to cart are probably a pretty close match to the kind of customer you want to find.

Once you have your seed data in a Custom Audience in Ads Manager, you can view the audience and click “create lookalike”. After you have chosen a country you want to target you must set the Audience Size. We recommend 1% of the population to start with, as this will give you the closest match and will still give you plenty of users to start advertising to. In future, if you saturate the 1% audience, you can try 2%, 3% etc.

Now you’re ready to target new customers who match the best data you’ve got: Customers you have already sold stuff to. Only this time, these folks have never heard of you. They are a brand new demographic ready to hear about your brand. For them, all your content and products are brand new and exciting.

To maximise your chances of success, check our pre-ad checklist before you get started.

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