New! How power words get your stuff noticed

When you say the word new, people pay attention, it might even be why you clicked on this blog. That’s because new stuff is exciting. When you’re talking to people about your products, using the word NEW can massively increase excitement around your product leading to more engagement, more clicks and more sales.

The word New is really useful  make your store feel new all the time. First up, lets look at the menu. Imagine on your store you’ve got some categories like tees, jumpers and accessories. That’s sensible. So how do you turbocharge the store and make it feel like it’s all kicking off right now?

Add a new collection, called New

A really clever way to improve the conversion rate on your store is to add a collection and put all your best and most recent stuff together in it, and call it New In. The new in collection is a tried and tested ecommerce technique. Pros know that if you put it first in your menu, it’ll almost certainly be your most clicked collection. Make sure your most killer stuff is in that group.

You can use the word New to freshen up everything. On your homepage banners, use the word New to link to your new in category, or your latest products.

Lastly, New has a best buddy and it’s called Now. To power up your posts, sandwich what’s happening between New and Now to make it go further and feel more exciting.

You can ask yourself questions to unlock better writing after you’ve had a go at a caption, like “what should we do about it?” Go to the store! and “When?” Now!

For example, your post might be something like “check out this tee we just launched” and using New and Now, just two words can make that  story go further “New: Just released, this amazing new product, out Now”

Try out this New idea on your store, Now!

If you need any more info on pro tips, make sure to check out our Teemill Youtube channel for quirky videos like this one below;

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