10 of our favourite designs by incredible illustrators

There are some incredible illustrators using Teemill to share their unique designs with the world. Some prints spread messages, some spark a conversation or make us laugh, and others are just pure rad to look at. We’ve gathered 10 beautiful bestsellers for your daily dose of inspiration.

Blue Mob Crew Neck Tee by Moonhead Studios

10. Blue Mob Crew Neck Tee by Moonhead Studios

Moonhead Studios start us off with this awesome Blue Mob print. Each character is packed with personality and the solid lines and on-trend colours create a lovely look. Andrew’s fun prints constantly surprise every time you notice a new little detail. Rad work!



Lipstick Lady Top by Lucy MacLeod

9. Lipstick Lady Top by Lucy MacLeod

Lucy is a leading UK fashion illustrator who has a passion for bold, mixed media art. Combining rough sketches with an attention to detail, the outcome is these incredible prints that would work as well in a gallery as well as on the t-shirt format. We love how this Lipstick Lady print is timeless, iconic and effortlessly stylish.



Drop Pod by Spudonkey

8. Drop Pop Tee by Spudonkey

Gareth’s brand Spudonkey has a really original look that’s sort of half steampunk, half futuristic video game and half retro illustrator. Three halves, we know, but somehow these designs feel like they’re extra special. Starting off in the world as a video game artist, Gareth’s well-detailed sci-fi sketches are some of the best t-shirt design graphics we’ve seen.



Save the Planet Toe Bag by Jamie Squire

7. Save the Planet Tote Bag by Jamie Squire

Jamie is using her awesome illustrations to spread positive and ethical vibes, and this tote had us all chuckling. Using simple solid colour prints and letting the message do the talking, this fun and kooky Save the Planet print is just the kind of stuff the world needs right now.



Cool Heart Top by Clym

6. Cool Heart Top by Clym

You can almost smell the fresh, salty air and feel the cool breeze running through your hair as you scroll through this collection. This tee sends strong Summer vibes and we love the simple detailing of the red heart and little use of colour, subtlety that holds the eye. This design is fun and perfect for Summerholics looking for a new outfit.



Your Cute Friends Top by Animalcutedom

5. Your Cute Friends Top by Animalcutedom

Linzie is the creative mind behind Animalcutedom and she creates these super-cute illustrated animal and character prints. Animals are a really popular format (who doesn’t love cats?) but we’ve picked this design because it’s such an original style, where each little flufflet (technical illustration term…) has its own character. Love it.



Bear Cycling T-shirt by Rapanui Clothing

4. Bear Cycling T-shirt by Rapanui Clothing

It’s quirky, it’s out there, it’s a bear cycling on a penny farthing…we all love animals doing things that they don’t normally do. Adding a funny factor to your print is underrated, after all, t-shirts are not serious clothing for serious people. That’s why we’ve included this little doodle because it made us laugh 🙂



Mod T-shirt by Moonhead Studios

3. Mob T-shirt by Moonhead Studios

Andrew of Moonhead Studios creates these incredible doodles packed with weird and wonderful characters. When we first saw his store it blew us away, and we’ve got him on for an encore just because we love the consistent and whacky designs he’s creating.



Stand Together Crew Neck Tee by UN Women

2. Stand Together Crew Neck Tee by UN Women

HeForShe encourages people of every gender identity and expression to strive for equality. This fun illustration is a great way to encourage people to support the cause and gives a great sense of community. An awesome example of a design that spreads a well-needed message and sparks conversation.



Thunderbird 2 T-shirt by Square Eyes

1. Thunderbird 2 T-shirt by Square Eyes

Thunderbird 2 is arguably the greatest vehicle of all time, and this official thunderbirds tee really pulls on our nostalgic heartstrings – Square Eyes have taken TB2 to the next level with this incredible cut-away schematic where you can see inside like it’s a real-life blueprint, Haynes manual style. If you’re a Thunderbirds fan, you just have to have one.

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