Publicity made easy: Here’s a Press Release Template

Every day brands get featured in newspapers, mags and blogs. It’s super easy and if you do it right, shouldn’t cost you anything. The trick is to make sure you are prepared before reaching out to writers to tell them about your story, and having a quality press release is essential. In this blog you can find out more about how to get your first PR features and use our template to build your first press release. In under an hour you could be in touch with writers and on the way to more publicity for your brand, increasing traffic, sales and (if you get a link back from a quality, relevant site) long term SEO benefits.

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If you’ve never written a press release before, we’ve got a template below that you can use to make your own.

Press Release Headline

Optional subhead is placed here.

Dateline – This is normally the City, county or state, and date.

The opening sentence concisely summarizes what is being announced. Use descriptive language that people who have not heard of you will understand, not your brand name (yet) e.g. New Fashion brand for Surfers.

The opening paragraph is the one that matters most so include the important facts and set out the story. The opening paragraph is a summary of the story, the rest explain the summary. You could write the release first and then the opening paragraph last.

Make sure your release is not more than one side of A4. Use short sentences and keep a factual tone. Make sure you make your best points early. It should be written in the third person, not “I” but “the brand”.

“Include a quote in your press release by you, or an expert on the subject. Your quote may be used in part or in whole, or paraphrased. Make sure you attribute it to who said it and say who they are in relation to the story” – said Mr.Jones, 31, an employee at RadBrand.

Facts and stats that back up any claim or opinion help make your story relevant, and 100% of people who wrote this template agree. Before you use a stat, fact check it. Include a URL in your release to get traffic back. You can send a press release about a new product, a new collection, a new brand or a new partnership, and email it to blogs, editors, news sites, reporters and journalists.

And be sure to spell check everything you write. You can read your release backwards to check typos, and read aloud to yourself to check the grammar and style.

Your name
Your job Title
Your company
Your contact phone number
Your email
Your website URL

Sending out

When you send your press release out, find writers or editors of news sites that are relevant to your brand or the story. Your story can be a new collection, a collaboration or your personal story. Write a personal email to the writer explaining how you found them and why you think your story could be a good fit. You might need to send a few followups or even call to make sure you get noticed. The main thing is to make sure you send quality, relevant stories to the right people. You can send lots throughout the year.

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