Profit from Trending Topics on Twitter

One of the great strengths of Teemill is the flexibility and speed with which you can create products. With a free customisable store and print-on-demand t-shirt fulfillment, you can easily create a t-shirt and start selling it online in minutes. It’s perfect for today’s ultra-fast information age.

Teemill presents an excellent opportunity for those savvy enough to turn a popular hashtag into a t-shirt design. It might mean taking a novel twist on the subject, or capturing the issue in one graphic.

More often than not, successful t-shirt sales like this come from the t-shirt design that gets the biggest laugh.

Sometimes, though, the design might be made in sympathy or solidarity, or to make a point in protest against something. Either way, as a Teemill store owner you can make profit with a purpose if you can find the design that captures the imagination of people following that hashtag.

Once you’ve got your Teemill account, it’s as simple as adding a design to your store, or perhaps building a dedicated campaign page for this tee. Then it’s down to you – upload your design and start posting heavily on the hashtag, building retweets and shares to break through the noise.

The exact same strategy can be used on Instagram, or any other service that aggregates content around a hashtag. Remember to post pictures of your product, and a link.

Try to use a lasting topic that will be around for a while to maximise the potential return on your time. Writing a press release will help, and requesting or retweeting fan photos, as well as a healthy dose of scheduling and social automation, will help keep your t-shirt campaign alive – like in this case study.

Appropriate hashtags

Please use common sense with this strategy. Make sure your t-shirt adds value to the debate. And be sensitive. It would be great to have a #cecilthelion animal welfare t-shirt, but it wouldn’t be cool to make money from a terrorist attack, for example. Don’t be surprised when we shut down your account for trying to upload t-shirts in bad taste.

Also take care with image rights, copyright, brand names – Teemill is a software service, how you use it is your responsibility – if you pinch someone’s artwork, or image rights, and try to make money from them, you are liable – we won’t protect you.

Be smart, be original, and create a product that adds value and there’s no reason why you cannot make money from the right trending topics.

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