These design ideas are punderful

Customers love new stuff, and Teemill makes it super easy to create new products. But sometimes coming up with designs that sell can be enigmatic. In this blog we look at a sure fire way to make a tee that will fly out: Puns. In this blog, we’ll look at how to make a punderful print in under 5 minutes.

The internet is as much a place for entertainment as it is for serious business. For every Wikipedia article, there’s probably a thousand cat memes, and people who like funny stuff on the internet also buy funny stuff on the internet. If you’re a pro designer or maybe not so confident, it doesn’t make a difference; puns are super easy designs that take minutes.

Pun t-shirts are super easy. You can generate a load of pun ideas with an online tool then paste it into our slogan templates to create a ready made print.

There are loads of places you can get pun ideas. It helps to have a starting point and an audience in mind relevant to your brand idea. If you are starting up a Vegan brand (pretty Broc n Roll idea by the way), lettuce introduce you to Google, where you can just search your keywords + puns and unearth a load of ideas and inspiration.

Some of the bestselling products on Teemill are ones that make people laugh, especially for gifts around Christmas and Birthdays. They also work great for engagement on social media that picks up lots of likes and shares.

Cartoonists don’t have to be great at drawing. The idea is what makes people laugh, and funny t-shirts sell.

And because puns are quite specific too, they make targeted advertising much easier. It’s hard to know who might buy a generally cool arty t-shirt design, but it is easy to see how targeting people who like Football with Football pun t-shirts can be a massive success.

To get started with perhaps the easiest online retail strategy ever, have a go at some pun t-shirt slogans today and pitch them at your audience with a targeted ad.

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